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Shiba Inu: exterior and character

Shiba Inu: exterior and character

Shiba Inu - a breed of hunting dogs, bred in Japan.

Animals are very beautiful and perfectly suited for life in the family, but they are different independent-minded and strong character.

Shiba Inu need a firm and loving hand - then the pet will feel comfortable and will not cause trouble to the owner.


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Outside Shiba Inu leaves noindifferent. This dog is very proportional, it combines the charm and fascination of a wild animal plush toys. Especially adorable kids - fluffy, expressive with elongated muzzles and thick little body. Growing up, the dogs become an impressive posture and nice body. The increase in the average dog - dogs grow up to 41 cm at the withers, bitches should not increase more than 38 cm in adult body Shiba Inu muscled, sinewy, very harmonious.. Moderately long, straight legs, short powerful neck and the main attraction - beautifully coiled fluffy tail. His ideal proportions animal reaches fairly quickly - as early as 2 years old Shiba Inu looks completely formed.
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Color Shiba Inu may be different, but mostthere are red, sand, black and red dog. White and cream markings on legs, belly, tail and chest are not considered defects. Wool dogs thick, shiny, with dense undercoat, evenly covering the body. It should not curl or form bald spots.
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The nature of Shiba Inu strong timesshort-tempered. Males tend to dominate, and the females are not too fond of that they were in command. Deceptive "plush" puppies exterior hides a very strong will, where pets are not averse to subdue and master, and all households. To an adult dog was no problem, it is important to immediately begin to raise a puppy. Shiba Inu smart enough and dedicated. With proper, strict, but fair upbringing they quickly take acceptable to all in the house.
names for the dog breed boyskovskoy for girls and stafford pitbull
The dog is agile. To Shiba Inu looked great and well developed, it is necessary to ensure a good motor activity - long walks, playing outdoors. Pet will be happy to accompany host jogging or cycling. Shiba Inu is not picky eating habits and have good appetite. To maintain their shape can be fed by professional ready to feed or prepare their own meals.
Some owners keep the Shiba Inu is not in the cityapartments, and in open-air cages. Dogs quietly tolerate low temperatures, provided a well-equipped and protected from the wind shelter. But let them into independent walking is not worth it. Freedom-loving and independent nature can play a cruel joke with the dog. Provide your pet with toys and often communicate with him - Shiba Inu is important to feel needed and loved.

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