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She started practicing parkour in Moscow

How to start doing parkour in Moscow

Parkour is interested in a lot of girls and youngpeople who want to be sporty, beautiful, healthy and socialize with like-minded people on a daily basis. About Parkour and those who engage in them - tracers - filmed a lot of movies that make this destination even more popular.

Where do you start to anyone who wants to start doing parkour?

Many boys and girls dream of parkour and wantedto join in this movement. In principle, willing to start to deal with it have only two options: to start self-training, or join one of many Parkour community.

Self-employment parkour in Moscow

But where do we start doing parkour? Of course, with a comprehensive theoretical acquaintance with the history of this movement. It is necessary to read the forums dedicated to Parkour may prove useful blogs known tracers. At this stage, it should be noted for themselves the difficulties faced novice fans of parkour and how they overcame these difficulties.
Be sure to pay attention to the terminology,to continue to speak the same language with their peers. The network posted a lot of videos of training for athletes of various skill levels and many of them are really worthy of attention.
After the theoretical training wasgiven enough time, you can begin to master the basic elements of parkour. The most convenient way to do it in parks, squares, stadiums and sports venues. It is not necessary to the beginner to attract undue attention by training on the street, it does not possess sufficient skills neophyte can not only injure himself, but also cause injury to a passing man.
In your daily schedule necessarilyshould include exercises, go jogging any other physical activity, because the performance of even very complex elements of parkour is available only person with a flexible and fit body.

Begin to engage in parkour in Moscow in the group: is it possible?

Many famous parkour team periodicallyconduct workshops and share their experience with newcomers in a friendly meetings format. Most often they are held in sports clubs and stadiums. All these activities are announced on social networks, and all those who subscribed to the web page of such a community, learn about the advance of such meetings.
For those interested in parkour beginners heldSpecial training unit. Watching him instructors, who then share the neophytes into groups depending on their level of initial fitness.
Subsequently, several times each week membersgroups under the guidance of coach shoulder to shoulder learn more and more complex elements of parkour. This allows everyone to gradually improve their skills and find friends among the other members of the parkour community. After passing this course yesterday's newcomers to Parkour have already middle-worthy.

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