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How to sharpen skates at home

It does not always have the opportunity to turn to professionals to sharpen skates

For the pleasure of skating they need to be sharpened.

It does not always have the opportunity to turn to professionals to perform this procedure, and then we need to sharpen skates at home.

There are two ways of sharpening? with or without a groove.

You will need

  • - emery
  • - Round file
  • - Fine-grained bar



To sharpen skates at homeconditions, prepare a normal emery (motor, guide plate and the grinding wheel). With it, you need to make a trough (for new skates) or deepen it (for skates, which strongly blunted).


After that, using round file,diameter of about ten millimeters to manually withdraw the correct form of the trough occurs at the same time and sharpening edges. The trough is done in the hope that its depth should be no more than 0.5-0.6 mm. No less important is the fact that has not happened in a lowering of the gutter any direction. In order to check this, you need to lay flat across the groove (necessarily flat) surface. It must be completely perpendicular to the blade (deviation of no more than 3 degrees). After performing this procedure, you must use fine-grained bar to remove burrs.


Some sharpening skates without groove. This method is much easier. To sharpen skates at home without the groove (or, as they are called - groove), and must have sandpaper or a file (in the case of a file will have to exert a lot of effort for sharpening skates). Moreover, in the above, and in this way you need to pay attention to a file tool steel hardness was higher hardness alloy from which the blade is made. Securing skates, you need to start grinding. The principle is simple sharpening? sole must sharpen the blade at right angles to its side walls.


After sharpening the need to check itright. To make this operation easy? you need to see how the horses are on the ice surface. If done correctly, then they will be straight and level.
During the procedure of sharpening skates should be remembered that the correct sharpening them will depend on the convenience and comfort of Kata.

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