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How to sharpen scissors

How to sharpen scissors

Even the most expensive shears sooner or later lose their sharpness.

If buying new would be more expensive than the old grinding, use a grinding machine.

You will need

  • Machine natochki-
  • Tool for editing abrasive wheel TT-50
  • SP-650- Double sided stone
  • Wooden brusok-
  • Scissors.



Turn on the machine and fill with water, rotating grinding wheel. When the circle will no longer absorb water, bring it to the level of the cell to normal.

How to sharpen scissors


straighten circle with TT-50, if necessary. Align it with the working surface of double-sided stone.


Clamp the blade of scissors in one part of the machine. If small scissors, use one clip, if large? fix two.


The second part of the slide on the support and fix the screw. Set the angle required for grinding.


Place the machine in working position. The gap between the machine and the abrasive wheel to make a minimum.


Take a pair of scissors, the clamped in the mandrel, attach to the machine and lower the rotating abrasive stone.

How to sharpen scissors


Pierce fabric scissors along the entire length evenly. Make sure that the second web is not in contact with the sharpening surface.

How to sharpen scissors

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