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How to sharpen a razor

How to sharpen a razor

Few men prefer other ways of razor shaving.

But those who choose for themselves exactly this way believe that it makes the normal procedure for self-care in a real ritual. But this razor needs care.

And above all, it must be periodically sharpened.

This can be done using various devices. One of the operations to care for razor - water honing stone.

It is advisable to choose a stone large enough that the blade is placed on it completely.



Wet the stone with plenty of water. Push the blade to the surface of the stone so that both the tip of the blade and its "comb" touching stone. Swipe the blade across the stone surface, reaching the edge. Do not rush and do not press too hard the blade.


Turn the blade and slide it intoopposite direction. Keep pressing the power and angle are the same for both sides of the blade, otherwise it will turn out uneven. Repeat the procedure several times.


You can sharpen shaver honing stones. His abrasive surface more finely and used to "bring" the razor. The bar before sharpening shaverAlso is necessary to moisten with water.


Another way, perhaps the most famous - itGrind using a belt and abrasive paste. The belt can be used as specialty and conventional. The main thing is that it is wide enough. Selection of abrasive compositions is large enough for sharpening the blade. But you can even use whitening toothpaste.


Whichever method you choose, remember that you should not keen on sharpening, so as not to damage the plastic steel. If you happen to resharpen shaver, The problem can be eliminated by reverse honing in which the blade is fixed, and you are driving on it honing stones.

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