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How to sharpen a razor


How to sharpen a razor</a>

Few men prefer a dangerous razor to other ways of shaving.

But those who chose this way for themselves, believe that it turns the usual procedure of caring for themselves into a real ritual. But such a razor needs care.

And above all, it must be periodically sharpened.

This can be done with the help of various devices. One of the operations for the care of a razor is honing with a water stone.

It is advisable to choose a stone large enough to fit the blade completely.



Dampen the stone with plenty of water. Press the blade against the surface of the stone so that both the tip of the blade and its "ridge" touch the stone. Draw a blade along the surface of the stone, reaching the edge. Do not hurry and do not press the blade too hard.


Turn the blade over and swipe it inThe opposite side. Make sure that the clamping force and the angle of inclination are the same for both sides of the blade, otherwise it will turn out uneven. Repeat the procedure several times.


You can sharpen Razor Honing stone. Its abrasive surface is more highly disperse and is used to "finish" the razor. Bar before sharpening Razor, Also need to moisten with water.


Another way, perhaps, the most famous isSharpening with a belt and abrasive paste. The belt can be used both specialized and conventional. The main thing is that it should be wide enough. The choice of abrasive compounds for sharpening the blade is large enough. But you can use even a whitening toothpaste.


Whichever way you choose, remember that you do not need to get carried away with sharpening so as not to damage the plastic steel. If you accidentally rewrapped Razor, The problem can be eliminated by reverse honing, in which the blade remains stationary, and you drive a honing bar along it.

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