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How to sharpen a pencil


How to sharpen a pencil</a>

What a wise man was a talented French scientist who in 1794 developed the design of a modern pencil.

Since then, the design and functionality of the pencil are improving, and all kinds of grinding methods are being invented, which, in combination with the hardness of the pencil, allow for different effects.

You will need

  • A pencil, a pencil sharpener, an ordinary and a clerical knife, a razor blade, sandpaper, plain paper.



If you use a pencil for simple purposes,For example, in order to emphasize something or make a temporary note, then choose a pencil hard-soft (TM) or soft (2M). To sharpen it, use an ordinary sharpener, which can be purchased at a stationery store. Buy one that will be easy to use. In order not to break the neck Pencil, An average of 3-4 turns. Also, in order to avoid breakage, do not press on the pencil and sharpener.


Another thing is if you sharpen a pencil forCreative drawing or drawings. Proper sharpening is the basis of your work. There are three main types. For their implementation, use ordinary and clerical knives, razor blades, sandpaper. Sometimes sharpening can be used at first. When working on a drawing, it is necessary that the neck and the tree in front of it be sharpened by 10-15 mm. This can only be achieved with the help of a sharpener will not succeed.


Types of sharpening.
1. The tip is the same as if you were using a sharpener. The difference is in the length of the neck and the sharpening of the tree in front of the neck.
2. The tip is wide and sharp. In this case, only the tree is removed, the graphite in the form of a circle remains untouched. The tip is dull about the sandpaper, and then smoothed out on plain paper. Depending on the situation Pencil With respect to paper, the artist gets a thin or thick line.
3. The tip is like a cutter. The thick neck is sharpened by sandpaper on both sides. This kind of sharpening is used to obtain two types of lines.


Professional sharpening requires patience onAt first. Do not despair if you break a lot of pencils (especially soft ones). Over time, the skill will come, and you will feel how many millimeters worth to sharpen with a clerical knife, and how much to saw with sandpaper.

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