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How to sharpen a pencil

How to sharpen a pencil

What a stiff upper lip was a talented French scientist who in 1794 developed the design of the modern pencil.

Since the design and functionality are improved pencil and sharpener invented all sorts of ways, which in combination with the hardness of the rod allow to obtain different effects.

You will need

  • Pencil, sharpener, stationery and ordinary knives, razor blades, sand paper, plain paper.



If you use a pencil in plain view,for example, to emphasize something or make a temporary memo, select the pencil hard-soft (TM) or soft (2M). For its use ordinary sharpener sharpening, which can be purchased at the stationery store. Buy one that is easy to use. In order not to break the neck pencil3-4 is an average rotation. Also, in order to avoid breakage, do not apply pressure to the pencil and sharpener.


Another thing, if you sharpen the pencilcreative drawing or drawings. Proper sharpening - the basis of your work. There are three basic types. For their implementation using ordinary and stationery knives, razor blades, sandpaper. Sometimes you can use the first sharpening sharpener. When working on the pattern needed to neck and a tree in front of him were imprisoned for 10-15 mm. This is only achieved with the help of pencil sharpeners fail.


The types of optimizations.
1. The tip is the same as if you were using a pencil sharpener. The difference - in the length of the neck and grinding of wood in front of neck.
2. The tip is wide and sharp. In this case, only the tree is removed, graphite is in the form of a circle remains intact. The tip blunts of sandpaper, and then otglazhivaetsya on plain paper. Depending on the position pencil Paper artist receives relatively thin or thick lines.
3. The tip as the tool. Thick neck honed sandpaper on both sides. This sharpening is used to produce two types of lines.


Professional sharpening requires patience onfirst. Do not despair if you break a lot of pencils (especially soft). Over time, the ability to come and you will feel how much millimeter worth erode stationery knife, and how to file sandpaper.

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