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How to sharpen a knife in a hand-grinder

In place of a mechanical grinder to our kitchens are increasingly its electrical counterparts come. But the hand grinder is still in vogue.

If the meat has been screwed onto the screw, stuck in the lattice may be blunt knife.

Of course, you can use another knife or buy a new one. If a replacement part was not, and the time to run to the store there?

The knife can be sharpened at home in just a few minutes.

You will need

  • Sandpaper, Scissors



Cut the sandpaper circle on the lattice size. In the center of the circle to make the holes, so it can be put on a screw mincer.


Fix the meat grinder on the table and collect inthe usual way. Before inserting the grill on the screw put on prepared circle of sandpaper so that the working party nazhdachki facing the knife.


Insert the grille and fasten the outer nut. We begin to turn the handle grinder collected at first slowly and then accelerates. Makes about 30 rpm.


Repeat the operation by inserting a new circle of sandpaper with a fine grain.

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