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How to sharpen a knife in a manual grinder


How to sharpen a knife in a manual grinder</a>

Instead of a mechanical meat grinder, our electrical analogues are increasingly coming to our kitchens. But the meat grinders are still in progress.

If the meat began to get screwed on the auger, get stuck in the grill, maybe a knife blunted.

Of course, you can use another knife or buy a new one. If there was no spare part, and there's no time to run to the store?

The knife can be sharpened at home in just a few minutes.

You will need

  • Sandpaper, scissors



We cut out a circle from the sandpaper by the size of the grating. In the center of the circle, make a hole so that it can be put on the auger screw.


We fix the meat grinder on the table and collect it inThe usual order. Before inserting the grate, put a prepared circle of sandpaper on the auger so that the working side of the sandpaper is facing the knife.


We insert the lattice and fix it with an external nut. We start to twist the handle of the collected meat grinder first slowly, then accelerate the movement. We make about 30 turns.


Repeat the operation, inserting a new circle of sandpaper with a smaller grain.

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