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How to sharpen a chain


Machine chain sharpening</a>

The chain on the saw periodically needs to be undermined, becauseThe material is scraped when sawing even the softest tree, not to mention old boards with nails. It is usually seen when the chain needs sharpening, it starts to saw very hard, and the sound changes immediately.

Of course, it is better to turn the chain into the hands of a professional, but if this is not possible, arm yourself with a round file and get to work.



Mark the tooth from which you begin to sharpenchain. This is necessary so that you know when you need to finish sharpening, otherwise you can do extra work. Take the file and three times perforuyte every right tooth, no longer needed. But be careful and hold the file at the same angle as the tooth. To sharpen you need the place where you see a strip, it is located about 1-2 mm from the end of the tooth.


Now turn the chain around and start sharpening the leftTeeth. Also, gradually move around in a circle until you are level with the mark. By the way, try not to erase the mark, otherwise to determine the place from which you started to sharpen it will be very difficult. Do not skew much steel, the chain will quickly come to an unfit state. File Select the diameter that fits easily in the gap between the teeth and the base of the chain.


Lubricate the chain with engine oil and try outHer in the affair. If the chain is badly worn, then it just worn out and it needs to be replaced with a new one. Sometimes the length of the chain itself increases, and the saw begins to work poorly, in this case you will be able to help in the workshop for repair and sharpening chains. It is not desirable to shorten the length yourself, you can and do not then put it on.

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