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Machine sharpening chain

The chain on the saw periodically need to fret, becauseissharkivaetsya material during sawing of even the soft wood, not to mention the old boards with nails. Usually it is seen when the chain needs sharpening, saw it starts with difficulty, and the sound changes immediately.

Of course, it is better to give the chain in the hands of a professional, but if this is not possible, armed with a round file and start to work.



Note the tooth from which you start to honechain. It is necessary for you to know when you need to finish grind, otherwise you can take extra work. Take the file and grind every tooth on the right three times, is no longer needed. But be careful and keep the file at the same angle as that of the tooth is located. Sharpen need a place where you can see the strip, it is about 1-2 mm from the end of the tooth.


Now turn the chain and begin to sharpen the Leftteeth. Also, gradually move in a circle until you catch up with the mark. By the way, be careful not to delete the mark, or to determine the place from which you started to grind it will be very difficult. Not much issharkivayte steel chain to quickly come in improper condition. Files that choose diameter that easily fits in the gap between the teeth and the base of the chain.


Lubricate the chain with engine oil and can tryit in fact. If the chain is badly wears away, so she simply worn out and needs to be replaced with a new one. Sometimes itself the chain length increases, and the saw starts working badly, in which case you will be able to help in the repair shop and grinding circuits. To reduce the length of their own is not desirable, you can do it and then do not wear.

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