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HOW sharpen

How to sharpen

If you are taking pictures of sporting events, sequential shooting, probably you know that getting a high-quality picture with high sharpness and drawing the circuits is possible not every time.

The reasons for this can be many: shooting moving objects, trembling hand, weather conditions, etc.

But with the help of Adobe Protoshop program you can get rid of this shortcoming.

You will need

  • Software Adobe Protoshop.



Before downloading Adobe Photoshop is necessaryto determine which version of the program you need. If you want to get the product to the latest processing technology, but not a big total weight, follow this advice: download the portable version of the program (Portable).
Open Photoshop? Click "File" menu? Select "Open" (or double-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop software).

How to sharpen


In the window that appears, locate and select the photo (picture) - click Open ?. Your selected image is loaded and the Photoshop workspace appears.

How to sharpen


Click the "Filter" menu, select "Sharpness" - "Smart" sharpness ".

How to sharpen


In the window that you want to configure the filter parameters:

- "Effect" ? This parameter determines the degree of multiplication of the filtration

- "Radius" - this parameter determines the size of the area in the image around the contours of which it will zatronuta-

- "Delete" - this option allows you to choose an algorithm progressive image processing.

How to sharpen


Then select from the dropdown list the necessary algorithm for your image processing:

- "Gaussian Blur" - this option algorithm resembles the "Unsharp Mask" -

- "Blur with shallow depth of field" - this algorithm can be applied to images that have a large number detaley-

- "Motion Blur" - this algorithm can be applied when the picture turned out blurry.

How to sharpen


Choose the best settings for your image:

- Effect% = 150 -

- Radius = 1,0

- Remove = "Blur with shallow depth of field."

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