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EXCHANGE apartment in Moscow


Apartment for rent in Moscow</a>

Often, with increasing family composition, growing children, divorce, people need to exchange existing housing for two or more separate rooms.

In this case, the main thing is to act in accordance with the existing rules for processing documents.

How to make a change if you live, for example, in Moscow?

You will need

  • - Documents for the apartment-
  • - money to pay for the services of a realtor and surcharge for apartments.



Decide if you will be engaged in an exchangeAlone or with the help of a realtor. In the latter case, find a suitable real estate agency. There are many of them in Moscow, their addresses and phone numbers you can find in the directory of organizations in Moscow or via the Internet. Choose an agency not only for the cost of services, but also for feedback on its work. If in your environment no one sold apartments in the recent past, refer to reading the information on the Internet. However, be careful - not all network reviews can be trusted.


Having chosen an agency, arrange with them the desiredFor you terms of the transaction. For example, explain in advance which district and what size of apartment you are looking for in return for your own, are you ready to pay in addition and in what amount.


When the realtor selects the appropriate options for you,Visit these apartments and choose what suits you best. Usually the transaction is in the form of a sale, so if the apartment you are selling is your only home, arrange with a realtor about the synchronization of the move. This can also be specified in the contract.


Sign a contract for the sale of housing. Sign out of your former apartment with all the other persons registered there. Pay the money to a realtor and, if necessary, pay the seller.


Operate by the same algorithm, if youExchange an apartment yourself. The difference will be in the search for exchange options, and the preparation of the contract will fall on you. But in this case, you will save on the commission agent, which is about three percent of the value of the transaction.

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