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How to divide the personal accounts in a shared flat

How to share personal accounts in a shared flat

If constantly arise among residents of apartment quarrels about who is obliged to pay utility bills, it's time to think about sharing personal account.

As a result of the opening of the personal account of additional apartment simply turns into a communal, and family members - in the neighborhood.

You will need

  • - zayavlenie-
  • - Reference FZ-
  • - Floor plan
  • - statement of claim-
  • - A copy of ordera-
  • - A copy of the personal scheta-
  • - A certificate about the earnings.



If all living in the apartment, reachedlegal age to agree to the section of the personal account in the apartment, the resolution of this issue deals with the housing office. Write an application to the housing office with a request to see the personal account: in this document should be signed by all adult residents of the apartment.


With the proviso that only one or only a fewfamily members agree on the division of account, and the rest of adult tenants do not give your consent, please contact the court. Write a statement of claim with a request to change the apartment lease contract. The statement of claim apply apartment plan, a copy of the order and a copy of the account, a certificate of the Federal Law, as well as a certificate of average earnings or income sources.


Note that the permission for the account profileyou will get only if the room is isolated: in the adjacent room, the room or utility room will not open a personal account. The width of an isolated room should be at least two meters, and the width of a single doorway leading into the room - not less than 70 centimeters. Moreover, technical requirements distance between the window and the wall opposite it should not be less than three meters. And one important condition: the window in the isolated room should not go into a small enclosed courtyard. Only when under all these conditions, you can count on the personal account section.

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