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How to share a column

The division of a column can be applied to the numbers and polynomials with variables

Long division is always handy - this way you can find the rest of the integer division, and division to bring the process to the desired decimal place.



Let's start with the recording of the dividend and the divisor. Please write the dividend, the right of it is written divider that separated area.

Something like this may look like your first post


Now we need to determine the dividend is incomplete becauseis the number formed by several successive digits of the dividend. To this regard the dividend, beginning with most significant digits, the first digit first, then the number formed by the first and second digit, and so on, until the partial dividend is greater than the divisor. We figure out how many times the divisor is contained in an incomplete divisible, and write that number by a divisor. Multiply it and subtract the divisor resulting from the partial dividend. If you have picked the right number, then the remainder is less than the divisor. If you make a mistake and got a residue divider more, increase this number by one, two, and so on, as in normal division.

In this case, we stopped at the three-digit number


Carry to the residue of the previous division of the followingthe original figure of the dividend and continue the division. In our example, the integer division can be completed at this step and write the answer in the form of "as many as 56 and 23/25." If it is necessary to continue the division, we must not forget to put a comma in the resulting privately.

How to share a column


Demolition of the residue digits located afterpoint. In the example integer, so we carry zeros. Division continue in the same manner until zero obtain a residue. Now we can write the answer is "56.92".

How to share a column

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