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How to divide a column


The division by a column can be applied to both numbers and polynomials with variables</a>

Division into a column is always useful - in this way you can find the remainder of the integer division, and bring the process of division to the desired sign after the decimal point.



Let's start by writing the divisible and divisor. First, we write the dividend, to the right of it we write a divisor, which is separated by a corner.

This is how your first entry might look like


Now we need to determine the incomplete dividend, soIs a number formed by several consecutive digits of the divisible. To do this, we consider the dividend, beginning with the highest digits, first the first digit, then the number formed by the first and second digit, and so on, until the incomplete dividend becomes more than the divisor. We estimate how many times the divisor is contained in an incomplete divide, and write this number under a divisor. Multiply the divisor by it and subtract it from the incomplete divisible. If you have correctly selected the number, the remainder will be less than the divisor. If you make a mistake and get a remainder, a larger divisor, then increase this number by one, two, and so on, as in normal division.

In this case, we decided on a three-digit number


Bring to the remainder of the previous division the followingThe digit of the original divisor and continue the division. In our example, at this step, you can end the integer division and write the answer in the form "56 integers and 23/25". If it is necessary to continue the division, then do not forget to put a comma in the resulting private.

How to divide a column


We bring to the rest of the numbers located afterComma. In the example, an integer, so we demolish zeros. Continue dividing in the same way until we get a zero in the remainder. Now you can write down the answer "56.92".

How to divide a column

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