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shaggy pillow


If the former appearance of the pillow is not happy, I want to revitalize the interior room, you can give her a new trendy "shaggy fur coat" bright saturated colors.

You will need

  • - Thread (small remnants of 6-10 cm in length) -
  • - Outline (burlap) -
  • - Acute nozhnitsy-
  • - kryuchok-
  • - Pencil (pen) -
  • - lineyka-
  • - cardboard



Apply the pattern on the fabric, well prorisovyvaya pencil line.
If the picture has a lot of colors, to avoid confusion, it is necessary to sign the color, or outline on the beam the desired color in the place where they should be.


Wind the thread on a piece of cardboard (5 cm) so that the thread is wound only lay side by side, without creating "bagels." Otherwise, the thread will turn out different lengths.
Cut a thread from one side. In this case, the blank length 10 cm.


Proceed to the "fur" work.
Pierce crocheted fabric, picking up the thread through and grab the thread is harvested in the middle, pull it through the fabric.


The resulting loop thread the remaining thread tails.
Align ends and tighten the knot. Similarly vyvyazyvayut close second, and so gradually fill the marked part of the picture.


Then type a piece of a different color and continue until it fills the entire surface of the picture.

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