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If the former appearance of the pillow is no longer pleasing, I want to revive the room interior, you can give her a new fashionable "shaggy fur coat" of bright saturated colors.

You will need

  • - threads (small residues 6-10 cm long) -
  • - canvas (sacking) -
  • - sharp scissors-
  • - hook-
  • - a pencil (a felt-tip pen) -
  • - ruler-
  • - cardboard-



Draw the pattern on the fabric, drawing the pencil of the line well.
If there are many colors in the drawing, then in order not to get confused, you need to sign colors or map out a beam of the required color, in the place where they should be.


Wrap the threads on a cardboard (5 cm wide) so that the thread when wrapping lies just next to it, without creating "bagels." Otherwise, the threads will be of different lengths.
Cut the thread from one side. In this case, blanks 10 cm long.


Start the "fur" work.
Crochet the fabric, picking up threads on the base, and grasp the harvested thread in the middle, pull it through the fabric.


In the resulting loop, thread the remaining tails of the thread.
Align the tips and tighten the knot. Similarly, a number is tying the second and gradually filling the marked part of the drawing.


Then, type the piece in a different color and continue until the entire surface of the pattern is filled.

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