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How to sew a blind


The most important role is played by the choice of fabric for curtains (Wikimedia Commons)</a>

To create a cosiness in an apartment, it is important how you decorate the interior. You can hang the walls with photos, put bright pillows on the sofas or draw stars on the ceiling.

But your room is completely transformed, if youHang on the windows curtains made with your own hands, the more so that windows usually occupy a large part of the wall, and their design sometimes plays a decisive role in the appearance of your home.

You will need

  • Fabric, threads, needles, scissors, sewing machine, rings or clips for attaching curtains to the cornice.



First of all, you need to choose the design of curtains. In the bookstores a lot of literature on this topic is sold, and on the Internet you will find descriptions and photographs of a variety of models, including a detailed description of the manufacture of curtains.


After choosing a design, you need to measure the window,To know how much tissue you need. In advance, decide whether you have double or single curtains, whether you want the fabric to lie folded or not (the presence of folds means that you will require a fabric 2-3 times longer than the eaves). It is best to invest in buying stuff with a margin. From surplus fabrics, you can make any additional decorations (lambrequin, swag, curtain, etc.), which will be in harmony with the curtains.


An important role is played by the color of curtains. If you want the room to be cozy, then it is better to buy curtains of warm colors. If you sew curtains for a nursery, then you can choose fabrics with the appropriate patterns. Think in advance how easy or difficult it will be to erase them. Do not choose a fabric that is heavily colored (soon it may lose the brightness of the colors and look like a faded rag), or it can sit down strongly (otherwise you risk getting short and deformed curtains instead of curtains after the first wash). Do not forget to pick up the thread in the color of the fabric.


If you do not have a sewing experience, then firstTry your hand at pruning cheap fabrics. Act according to the saying "Measure seven times, cut once" and carefully follow all instructions if you sew according to any guidelines. However, if you already have some experience in the sewing business, you can fully show your imagination and come up with a design of curtains yourself.

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