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How to sew without a pattern shorts

Spectacular shorts can sew without a pattern

Shorts - one of the brightest and most tempting items of women's wardrobe. Sew them by force, and very far from crafts representative of the fairer sex.

That's because the shorts sometimes do not even require a pattern.

The easiest way to make shorts

Shorts can be easily made from old trousers. No pattern it does not need, because you already have a product that you need only shorten. To do this, you need to tape measure, long line, chalk and sewing supplies.
To start wash, dry and ironpants. Iron-on transfer "arrow" is not necessary. Measure along the side seams on the bottom of the leg the same distance. Using a ruler draw the bottom line. Do not forget to leave allowances for processing. You can then accurately cut leg. By the way if you remake so jeans, bottoms can dissolve the fringe. Moreover, in recent time, this decor is popular.
If you sew shorts pants, bend allowances0.5 and 2 cm on the wrong side, baste them and hem on a typewriter or by hand. Shorts are ideal for the size you are ready! Thus it is possible to give a second life to old overexposed trousers, pants or jeans.

Similarly, more often rework jeans, but it is suitable for trousers made of cotton, wool and synthetic fabrics.

Shorts without pattern: step guide

Sew beautiful shorts in just one hour, and at the same timewithout a pattern - a very real problem. For this first necessary to make a simple sketch to decide how future shorts should be free. To do this you need to remove a few yardsticks: waist circumference, hip circumference and length shorts.
After that you should take cardboard or thickpaper. It is necessary to draw a rectangle one side of which is equal to the length of the product, and the second - putting the hips, multiplied by 1.5. Now we have to cut out the rectangle, leaving from all sides of seam allowance. On one of the long sides of it is 2.5 cm, the rest - 0,7-1 cm (depending on the tissue). Then you carve out the second same box.

Blanks can be cut at the same time, the fabric folded in half. Length should be placed on equity.

Now assemble the parts and carefully shortsbaste them and then stepping sostrochite seams. You should have two halves of the product. One, remove the inside out, the second should be facing outward. Insert the second primarily by aligning the front and rear sections of seams. Stitches cream and sostrochite.
Treat top products - sew elastictape pre Staple in its ring. Gum may be in tissue tone and contrast. In the second case can rest on decorative stitch seams pave the same color. In the last step bend and leg hem. Original Shorts without patterns ready!
It should be noted that the material for the best shortschoose non-transparent, but lightweight and well-draped, like the jersey. You will also need a wide elastic band. Cut such shorts can be just right on the cloth.

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