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How to Sew tiebacks

Picked up create interesting draping

Catch Up - tissue elements of the interior, gathering curtains on the sides of the window without moving on the roof.

With these decorative and functional holders are elegant draperies. If you show taste and imagination, a simple cloth tape turns into a stylish interior accessory.

Novice easier to sew curtains Holders of rectangular strips of linen.

You will need

  • Fabric sewing grabs
  • lining
  • Centimeter
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and paper patterns
  • Iron
  • Yarn and needles
  • Sewing machine
  • 2 buttons or buttons (press buttons riveting)
  • grabs holder
  • Inlay and other decorative elements on request



Start cooking with tiebackscareful selection of materials. It is recommended to use a thick cloth or a combination of a light fabric with a thick lining. If you want to part with a large pattern, choose the web, allowing to position it symmetrically on the two picked up.


Wrap a tissue sample for sewing grabs aroundcurtains and appreciate his appearance. If the material is suitable, make a pattern. According to the standards, curtain holder made of 10 cm wide and about 30-40 cm in length. Adjust its size alone, moving otrez for curtains and draperies trying different - from simple bends to the lush folds.


Make a pattern for the four parts of the futuregrabs from the basic material to the seam allowance of 1-1.5 cm. You can simplify your task, to make 2 rectangles and each folded in half. If you want to carve out two pads without allowances.


The cross-linking grabs one of the ways:1) Place the pad on the underside of the pickup half and sew it invisible stitches along the fold line seam allowance. Stitch details of the pick-up, leaving one part open. Otutyuzhte seams and remove the finished product there. The open side of the baste hiding shvom.2) Fold the rectangle in half and then fold the pattern allowances inside, grab ironed on the edge hem. On seams sew decorative braid or beyku- treat it as the opposite edge of the holder. You can do without the additional hardware if the process edge parts strong decorative stitching.


Make buttoned or Rivetbutton at the end grabs. To better secure the curtains on the opposite sides of the wall are attached special metal hooks for grabs. Choose them in sewing accessories stores of different options: for example, chrome or wood-under in a variety of shapes that can be an important focus of indoor.

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