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How to sew picks for curtains


Pick ups create interesting draperies</a>

Pick-ups are elements of a woven interior that collect curtains on the sides of the window without moving around the cornice.

With the help of these decorative and functional holders, elegant draperies are created. If you show a taste and imagination, then a simple cloth ribbon will turn into a stylish interior accessory.

It is easier for a beginner to sew picks on curtains from rectangular linen strips.

You will need

  • Cloth for sewing podhvatov
  • Lining material
  • Centimeter
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and paper for the pattern
  • Iron
  • Threads and needles
  • Sewing machine
  • 2 buttons or buttons (press for riveting the buttons)
  • Holder for pick-ups
  • Beech and other decorative elements on request



Begin preparation for the curtains withCareful selection of materials. It is recommended to use a dense fabric or combine a light cloth with a thick lining. If you want to make a detail with a large pattern, choose a cloth that allows it to be placed symmetrically on the two picks.


Wrap the fabric sample to sew the picks aroundCurtains and appreciate its appearance. If the material is suitable, make a pattern. According to standards, the holder for curtains makes 10 cm wide and about 30-40 cm long. Correct its size individually, moving the cut along the curtain and trying different draperies - from simple bends to magnificent folds.


Make a pattern of four parts for futurePick-ups from the main material with allowances for seams of 1-1.5 cm. You can simplify the task by making 2 rectangles and folding each in half. If necessary, cut out two pads without allowances.


Sew the picks in one of the ways:1) Put the lining on the wrong side of the halves of the pick-up and sew it with imperceptible stitches along the bend line of the allowances to the seams. Stroke the pick-up details, leaving one part open. Twist the seams and turn out the finished product. Open the side with a hidden seam. 2) Fold the rectangular pattern in half and bend the allowances inward, smoothing the catch on the edge of the hem. At the seams, sew decorative braid or beiku-it, then treat the opposite edge of the holder. You can do without additional hardware if you process the edge of the detail with a sturdy decorative stitch.


Make a fastener with buttons or rivetButtons at the ends of pick-ups. To better fix the curtains on the opposite sides of the walls attach special metal hooks for picking. Choose them in stores sewing accessories from various options: for example, chrome or wood - in the form of different shapes that can become an important interior accent.

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