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How to sew by Roman blinds

How to sew by Roman blinds

The elegant Roman shades stand out among the huge number of curtains their rigor and functionality. Roman shades harmoniously complement absolutely any style of home decor.

However, you can be fully confident with themProtection in the evening from outsiders and so prying eyes, and in the afternoon, depending on the tissue, they can both pass the sunlight and detain him.

You will need

  • - Sewing Supplies
  • - the cloth
  • - Tape-velcro
  • - Furniture stapler
  • - Weighting strip
  • - border
  • - rings



So, to make yourself Roman shades, you mustto begin to determine the material. Typically used for sewing curtains tight and dry cloth. However, the curtains of transparent and translucent fabric do not look less attractive.


Before you go to the interior tissues, and decide with the size of future curtains. It can meet the full size window or close it from the ceiling to the floor.


Removing measurements, do not forget to throw on each side has 5 cm for seams.


For example, your window height is 150 cm. To make Roman shades yourself, take the fabric and the back of the chalk mark the folds and installation rings. The distance between the folds should not exceed 20 cm. Thus, they you should have exactly 7.


Be sure to treat all of the lateral edge of the fabric.


Fasten Velcro tape, to a wooden plank with nails or furniture stapler.


To Roman blinds can be easily removed, and sew the curtains to the upper edge of the same tape, Velcro.


The lower part of the curtains have to be provided with gateways, which should fit weighting strip.


Take a finishing hem and sew it marked spaces between the folds. Then take rail and pushes it into every rim.


In each of these should be placed on the border of the three rings equidistant from each other. If a wooden rake, and the ring can be fixed with nails.


Now you can attach the curtain to the wooden bar with Velcro and attach the cord to the window frame.


Starting from the bottom of the curtains, thread the cord through each ring up to the top and pull tight enough.


In this position, attach a piece of wood to the window and release a ready-made Roman shades.

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