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How to sew a zipper

For lightning in the machine should be a special foot

If you notice that some goods (bags, jacket or somewhere else) began to disperse the lightning, when it ceased to fasten or unfasten, it will have to be replaced.



First of all, take a measuring tape and it can help measure the length of the old lightning, and which must be replaced.


Now go to the sewing store and pick up a new lightning. It should fit not only for the oldsize, and shape. You may want to select a different kind of lightning? of other material more durable, since the old began to disperse. More in store, check how easy zipper unzips and fastened whether her of a marriage, like a bent? Dog ?.


Now take the product on which you want to replace lightningAnd gently rebuffed the old. At the same time pay attention to the way it was sewn? in the future it will help you to sew a new lightning.


Who is the product put on the front side or the fine pencil line stitching. Attach bought lightning to the seam so that the zipper teeth wereslightly visible. To make it easier to work, take a bright thread in a contrasting color, and then baste it. If you already have sufficient experience in sewing, then just take the safety pins and attach lightning the product with them.


Now start to sew lightning. Reliable do it manually. But not everyone is able to accurately, precisely and tightly sew lightning manually. If you are not confident in their abilities, take a sewing machine. At the same time the machine has to be a special foot. Stitch product lightning front side, starting from the bottom end of the zipper. Once you're done scribbling, make sure the seam turned flat, the fabric is not going to. If there are any defects, the best again otporot lightning and sew again.


Once you are finished, carefully remove the thread of contrasting color, or safety pins that you bonded sewing.


Remember that sew lightning, Especially small parts, which need a thinwork, not everyone can, it's pretty hard work, so if you are not confident in their abilities, then just take the product at any sewing studio, where the work will make a trice.

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