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How to sew the Easter Bunny

How to make an Easter bunny

Decorating the house for such a holiday like Easter, people have started a long time ago.

Unfortunately, there was no opportunity to do so in an original and unique. Well, right now it is, why not take advantage?

I propose to make a toy, decoration, ie, the Easter Bunny.

You will need

  • - Flannel cloth-
  • - sintepon-
  • - Tailoring bulavki-
  • - igolka-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - nitki-
  • - Pencil.



From flannel cloth must cut more squares, and those that were the same size. It is not necessary to use for this diy fabric of the same color.


The resulting fabric must be folded so squares,to form a small Footprint. This pile must be secured with tailoring pins in such a way that they were not right, and diagonally. Do not overdo it with the number of square pieces, 3 square enough.


Now it is possible to start sewing. Focusing on paved pins, you sew the workpiece future Easter Bunny. The first line should lie exactly on the diagonal, that is, from one corner of the square to the other. All subsequent stitches sew very carefully at a distance of 2 centimeters. They must be parallel to the first.


Next on the workpiece must be stitchedto make a kind of frill. To do this, take the scissors and cut the tissue between the joints. Please note that should not cut all the layers, and only the top, that is the last layer does not need to touch.


Once finished cut tissue between the machine joints, it is necessary to turn the workpiece on the wrong side and draw on it with a pencil rabbit.


Then you need to cut the drawn rabbit. Thus, the first product is ready to harvesting. Similarly, should do the second part of the crafts, but do not forget that it should be a mirror image of the first, otherwise you'll have two identical parts.


Billets attach to each other face, and then they start to sew, stepping back from the edge of 0.5 cm. For packing the bottom of the product, leave a small hole.


Remove the front of the crafts and tamp it with synthetic padding. Carefully sew the hole a hidden seam filler threads that match the color of the product. Easter Bunny is ready!

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