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How to sew an Easter bunny


How to sew an Easter bunny</a>

To decorate the house for such a holiday as Easter, people began a long time ago.

Unfortunately, then there was no way to do it in an original and unique way. Well, since now it is, why not take advantage of this?

I propose to sew a toy-decoration, that is, an Easter bunny.

You will need

  • - flannel fabric-
  • - Sintepon-
  • - tailoring pins-
  • - Needle-
  • - scissors-
  • - thread-
  • - a pencil.



Of flannel tissue, you need to cut a few squares, and such that they are the same size. It is not necessary to use a fabric of the same color for this craft.


The resulting squares from the fabric need to be folded so,To form a small pile. Such a pile must be secured with tailor's pins, and in such a way that they are not straight, but obliquely. Do not overdo it with the number of square parts, 3 squares is enough.


Now you can start sewing. Orienting on the pins laid, you need to sew the workpiece of the future Easter bunny. The first line should lie exactly diagonally, that is, from one corner of the square to the other. All subsequent lines are sewn very carefully at a distance of 2 centimeters. They must be parallel to the first.


Further on the stitched blank it is necessaryMake a kind of ruches. To do this, take the scissors and cut the fabric between the seams. Please note that not all layers must be cut, but only the top layers, that is, the last layer should not be touched.


After you finish cutting through the fabric between the machine seams, you must turn the workpiece to the wrong side and draw a rabbit on it with a pencil.


Then you need to cut out the painted rabbit. Thus, the first workpiece is ready. Similarly, you should do the second part of the craft, just do not forget that it should be a mirror image of the first, otherwise you will get two identical parts.


Billet attach to each other face, then start sewing them, deviating from the edge of 0.5 centimeters. For packing at the bottom of the product, leave a small hole.


Turn out on the front side of the handicrafts and stuff it with sintepon. Then gently sew up the filler hole with a hidden seam thread that fits the color of the product. The Easter bunny is ready!

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