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How to sew the appliqué fabric

How to sew the appliqué fabric

Bright cheerful applique on the baby clothes not only decorate casual outfit, but also help to hide the small holes or stains that appeared in the process of socks.



Develop an application sketch of a lifevalue. Draw flowers, animals, birds or vehicles. Remember that the figure should be simplified as much as possible, without complex parts, with a clear outline. Take a blank paper for each application & nbsp-element.


Prepare the fabric for needlework. To the edge of the material does not crumble before they are processed, nakrahmalte cotton fabrics or synthetic gelatin treat. Otutyuzhte. Place the paper on the workpiece material of the corresponding color, circle a piece of soap, cut it out. Make the seam allowance, if you sew applique elements manually. These allowances are not needed if you decide to use a sewing machine. If you want to use interlining cobweb, iron the fabric pieces, putting them at it from the inside lay a sheet of smooth paper. In order to better application held on clothing, in addition to the webs fix appliqué special techniques.


Put a cut cloth scraps on the groundproduct so that they form a pattern conceived. Pin them safety pins or basting stitch seam. Make sure that the flaps were not collected in the folds of the base fabric. Progladte to grips with the gossamer fabric base.


Treat the edges of each pattern zigzag stitch on the sewing machine strictly according to the contour. Excess tissue protruding from the outer side seam, gently remove the small scissors.


Use "vtay" technology. Make a pattern of each piece with a seam allowance of 0.7 cm, fold the edge of the flap into the contour of a strictly corresponding to the & nbsp-paper the pattern. Grab basting seam fold. Place the item on the underlying tissue. Little stitches sew over the edge of the element, remove the basting.


Sew to every detail applications oblique Bakeybasting stitch along the edge. Locate & nbsp-all the elements & nbsp-on the base fabric, stitched on the machine for the inner loop piping. Remove the basting stitch. Use oblique Bakey bright colors.


Attach the application to the details of the fabric with the help of the loop seam allowance to the elements of the picture do not need. Use bright thick thread, for example, sewing 6 additions or iris.

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