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How to Sew slingokurtku

How to sew slingokurtku

Slingokurtka - very fashionable and extremely convenient thing.

It can be purchased in a specialty store or make your own.

Clothing made with their own hands, will always look original.

Slingokurtka and its purpose

Slingokurtka - it's just outerwear, but do not carry. It does not hold the child, so the device for safe baby wearing should be purchased separately.

Wearing baby in a sling is becoming increasingly popular. Young mothers have already noted, it is very comfortable and, most importantly, safe for the kid.
In winter, the women who wear theirkids in an ergonomic backpack or sling-scarf becomes difficult. Drum scarf garment, for example, quite uncomfortable. Slingokurtka in this case could become an indispensable thing. It is not only convenient, but also very warm and cozy.

Tailoring slingokurtki

Currently slingokurtku and otherdevices that can make the life of mother and baby even brighter, can be purchased at specialty stores. But many women prefer to sew things on their own. Tailoring jacket with his hands much more profitable to purchase the finished goods in the store. In addition, these things look very original.

Independently can be made not only easyslingokurtku, but the jacket is designed to be worn in the winter season. The simplest option - it is tailoring slingovstavki, which then can be attached to already existing in the wardrobe of outerwear.

Slingokurtka consists of a conventional jacket with augmented special insert. If necessary, the insert is fastened to the lightning, so that the thing acquires an additional amount.

Pattern is a slingovstavkia long strip of paper with margins narrowed and expanded the middle. This form facilitates the insertion of the child comfortable wearing under a jacket. To make slingovstavku, you need to draw the pattern, transfer it to the fabric and cut out of it blank. The edges of the workpiece to be processed and sew them to the lightning, so that you can fasten the box on both sides of a zipper on the jacket. The length of the sides of the manufactured parts must be the same length zipper on the jacket.
When sewing slingovstavki important tochoose the fabric. It is best to pick it under the existing things in the wardrobe. If you find the same material is not possible, you can sew a contrasting insert. It is important that this part of the fashionable thing was insulated, because it will protect the back of the baby from hypothermia.
Mothers who know how to sew and love can makeslingokurtku entirely. You will need outerwear pattern and sewing instructions. This jacket is sewn separately and a special insert separately. These two elements have to be interconnected by means of zippers. A woman can detach the insert, if it decides to take a walk alone or with a toddler in a stroller. This slingokurtka will look like an ordinary outerwear.

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