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How to Sew organizer

How to sew organizer

Organizer - storage of various small items.

It not only helps to keep order in the apartment, but is capable of becoming an original interior decoration.

Sew it can be from any sufficiently dense tissue.

You will need

  • - Thick colored cloth-
  • - Dense fabric for podkladki-
  • - Pieces of cloth for karmanov-
  • - Zippers, buttons, knopki-
  • - tesma-
  • - Sewing.



Carve out 2 identical large rectangle of the main fabric and lining out. On the main pieces of fabric to mark the place of pockets.


Make a pattern of pockets. They may be different - square, rectangular, oval. For the organizer the most suitable rectangular and square pockets, they are more roomy. Keep in mind that the details should be larger in area than the intended place for them, because the organizer has to be roomy enough. Cut out the patterns of a thin but hard cardboard, then cut from the fabric parts, remembering to leave allowances to 1 cm on each side, except the top, where allowance must be greater.


Treat pockets. Put a piece of fabric wrong side up, on it - template out of cardboard. Then iron the allowances to the wrong side. Upper hem allowance immediately bent on 0.5 and 2 cm. Make welt loops and neaten them. Thus prepare all pockets.


Pin pockets to the upper part of the organizer. Mark the position of the buttons. Remove the pocket and sew on buttons. Baste pockets look like they will be fastened. Stitched them to the web. If it is assumed that the organizer will be stored and heavy objects, make a double line.


Fold the main and lining facial detailparties. Sostrochite them on three sides, then turn out, otutyuzhte, seal the top edge, the nitty him several loops of tape. Hinges should definitely be in the corners, while the remaining portions located at regular intervals. You can sew the two loops to the lower corners. Hang decorative studs on the organizer.

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