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How to sew a knitted collar


How to sew a knitted collar</a>

The collar can completely transform the model of clothing.

Knitting this detail is a whole science.

It can be turn-down, performed in the form of a multi-layered elegant "clamp", a simple stand with a zip or other forms - to be tied together with the main product or separately from it.

Even from the way of connecting the bar to the neck, the overall style of the thing depends.

For example, with the help of a seam, you can not only sew a collar, but also decorate an outfit.

You will need

  • - the main yarn-
  • - auxiliary thread-
  • - darning needle-
  • - two straight spokes-
  • - nail scissors-
  • - an iron with a steam function or a wet gauze.



Tie the collar as a separate piece of clothing, carefully verifying its shape and the length of the bottom edge according to the finished pattern.


In the process of knitting a collar, you must enterWork auxiliary cotton thread of medium thickness. Usually it is used to perform the last three or four rows of collars - this is the connection line with the cutout of the gear and the backrest.


Note if you start knittingThe part from the edge that will be sewn to the neck, then enter an additional thread at the beginning of the work. Through the necessary number of rows, continue knitting only the main yarn.


Strip off the finished collar or stroke it throughMoistened gauze cut. Then remove the auxiliary thread. Take care not to accidentally dissolve the bound fabric. To open the hinges do not separate during the work, it is recommended to iron them especially carefully.


Sweep the collar to the front of the neck,Leaving a pair of the last rows with an auxiliary thread "run". Make sure the part is locked correctly. After that, you can dissolve the last rows of woolen thread and proceed to join the collar and model.


Remove the darning needle and the thread from the backHand knitting on the "face" of the canvas so that it enters the first open loop of the collar. Secure the work thread by making a few stitches at the side edge of the part.


Again, draw the needle from the bottom up through the layerNeck and collar (from the underside to the "face"), inserting it into the second open loop. Next, the needle will be inserted into the loop back and from top to bottom, and output - by moving forward and from below the top. Example: the needle enters from the inside to the second open loop - from the top - in the first, it extends from the bottom through the third - enters the second from above and extends from below through the fourth, etc.


After completing the seam, gently removeOutline. Cut the pieces of thread with the tips of sharp manicure scissors and pull the cuttings. In order not to damage the main yarn inadvertently, it is recommended that the details of the cut are sewn with a thread of contrasting color.


Practice with the execution of the figureThe seam - it creates undulating patterns along the line of the lower edge and can decorate children's and youth's products. In this case, open loops are sewn to the model web not individually, but in pairs or three at a time.

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