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How to sew knit collar

How to sew knit collar

Collar can completely transform the clothing model.

Knit this part cut - a science.

It can be turn-down, a laminate performed graceful "clamp" on a simple stand or have other lightning form- vyvyazyvayut major product together with or separately from it.

Even the method of connection to the neck strap depends on the overall style of performance things.

For example, using kettelnogo seam can not only sew the collar, but also decorate the outfit.

You will need

  • - Main pryazha-
  • - Auxiliary nit-
  • - Darning igla-
  • - Two straight spitsy-
  • - nail scissors-
  • - Iron with steam feature, or a wet gauze.



Tie a collar as a separate item of clothing, carefully calibrated its shape and length of the lower edge finished according to the pattern.


In the process of knitting a collar must entersupporting the work of cotton thread of medium thickness. Normally, it performs the last three or four rows of the collar - a connection line with the forehand and back neckline.


Note that if you start to knitdetail exactly with the edge to be sewn to the neck, then enter additional thread at the beginning of the work. After the required number of rows of knitting keep only the main yarn.


Otparte ready collar or stroke it throughotrez moistened gauze. Then, remove the auxiliary thread. Be careful not to accidentally connected to dissolve the canvas. To open loop is not dispersed in the process, it is recommended to iron them carefully.


Baste collar to the front side of the neck,leaving the last couple of series with an auxiliary thread "trousers". Make sure that the item is properly recorded. You can then dissolve the last rows of woolen thread and start the connection collar and models.


Print a darning needle and thread from the wronghand knitting on the "face" of the web so that it entered the first open loop collar. Secure the working yarn, making a few stitches for the side edge parts.


Again slide the needle through the layer from the bottom upthe neck and the collar (from the inside to the "person"), entering its second open loop. Next, the needle is introduced into the loop backwards and downwards, and output - forwards and bottom-up. Example: The needle goes from the inside to the second open petlyu- top - in pervuyu- pulled from below through tretyu- enters the second from the top and the bottom is pulled through the fourth, etc.


After completing kettelny seam, carefully removebaster. Trim pieces of yarn tips of sharp nail scissors and pull the trim. To avoid accidentally damaging the basic yarn, recommended tack parts cut thread in a contrasting color.


Practice with the implementation of figurekettelnogo seam - it creates a wave-like patterns along the lower edge of the line and can decorate the children's and youth products. In this case, the open loop sewn to the canvas model is not alone, as pairs or three at once.

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