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How to sew Easter makeup

How to make Easter makeup

In some families at Easter to give gifts.

Try to surprise a loved one unusual cosmetic bag in the shape of Easter egg.

It will not only look impressive, but to give vivid memories of the last holiday.

You will need

  • - Scissors for shvei-
  • - Thread in tissue-color
  • - Bright Molniya
  • - Different Easter fabric tsyplyatami-
  • - Single-colored pink cloth-
  • - sewing machine.



Start your job to create a pattern. On the wrong side of the fabric using chalk to draw an oval shape and cut along the contour. You should have two pieces of fabric Easter theme and one of the monochromatic pink fabric.


Stitch pink fabric Easter on a path on the machine, pick up the thread in color.


Cut one of the pieces into two equal parts on the diagonal.


Carefully, using a sewing machine, sew a bright lock between the two parts of step 3.


It remains only to sew the back of your cosmetic: make the invisible side line on the underside of the fabric. Remove your makeup. A wonderful Easter gift is ready!

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