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How to sew denim overalls boy

Overalls for toddler can sew from Dad's pants

Denim style is truly universal. Denim clothing with pleasure are children and youth, and the elderly.

Quite often in the house accumulated a certain number of old trousers and jackets that are already wearing indecent, and throw a pity.

From the mother's or father's old jeans can be crosslinked, for example, for the son's suit or sundress for my daughter.

You can, of course, sew denim overalls forboy and of new tissue, the benefit to buy it is not a problem in a specialty store. But the fabric at the store sometimes are more expensive than ready-made clothes. Older adults alter jeans, you get a stylish outfit for your kid is actually free. In addition, it will be possible to use some of the details, which are quite difficult to handle - pockets, belt, etc.
To sew denim overalls for a boy, you will need:
- Old, but the whole dzhinsy-
- Pattern of children's pants:
- A long metal lineyka-
- Tailor ugolnik-
- Piece kartona-
- utyug-
- Sewing Accessories-
- Supplies.
The washing jeans gently thrust. Fabric progladte. Carefully ironing is not necessary, but the fabric surface must be flat. Belt and pockets do not iron out.
Make a pattern. If the hand is not suitable magazine, thrust the old, but suitable for the size of trousers, preferably without his pants (eg, pajama). Pattern top of overalls is a rectangle. The vertical side of it is the distance from the waist to the chest line or slightly above horizontal - at your discretion. The square is best to first cut out of cardboard, and then transfer to the fabric, adding on each side 3 cm allowances.
Kroite trouser legs from the bottom of adults trousers. If the bottom is not frayed jeans, hem you can leave. Breast, cut from the top of the forehand. It can also consist of two parts as you sew the top pocket. From the waist cut piece equal to the circumference of the waist, plus 3-4 cm at the clasp. Cut better with the side where the loop.
It is better to use the same seam that usually sewjeans. It is very similar to linen. Combine slices side seam so that the back of the allowance appeared to 0.5 cm. Baste the seam and sostrochite on the wrong side. Then iron allowance on the front side in the direction in front, bend the protruding part, baste and stitched. Thread is better to take cotton, the same color as the line that you chose to save. Baste Stitch and a second side seam, then in a similar way - step. On one of the side seams to leave free cable portion 5-6 cm, which is adjacent to the belt. If you have a short zipper, it is possible to sew. In the absence of lightning sew 1-2 small buttons to the back half, but the front of the process the welt loop.
You have got two halves of trousers. In order to stitch them together, one must be turned inside out, and the second left on the front side. The second half, insert the first to allowance one piece performed at 0.5 cm. Baste half and sostrochite first on the wrong side, and then, as in the connection side seams, then iron the allowances to one side, turn in and stitched. Sew belt pre-processed cut edge.
Breast can be stapled in two ways - to sewthe lower part of the belt or make detachable. In any case, then iron the allowances to the wrong side, then fold them in and scribbling. Sew in the middle of a patch pocket, and in the upper corners - buttons. If the breast is unfastened, make a slit at the bottom of 2 loops, and sew a button on his belt. You can and sew it to the belt just above the hem line. Better, of course, stitched on to the hem, but not every machine will take a tissue thickness.
Carve out 2 straps. Fold them in half lengthwise, right side out. Allowances bend inwards and then iron. Scribbling seams. Finishing line and make a parallel with the fold line. Sew the straps to the back of his belt. On the free ends do welt loop.

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