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How to sew a curtain with lambrequins


How to sew a curtain with lambrequins</a>

Curtains with lambrequins are curtains decorated on top of a draped ruffle. Accordingly, they look like a finished composition, giving the room a distinctive style and solemnity.

Sew a curtain with lambrequins yourself.

You will need

  • Fabric - the basis for curtains, lining fabric of a different color, mounting braid, hooks and threads, scissors, iron



Measure the length of the future curtain and determine the length of the lambrequin.


Now prepare the patterns. The main fabric for the curtain: add the length and height of the lambrequin, add 17 cm to the hem from the bottom, and 2 cm to the hem from the top. Cut out the cuts taking into account that their width will be equal to the width of the future curtain. Then cut the lining fabric into the same cuts, only making them on the 8? 10 cm shorter.


The next step is to sew the cloth of the main fabric between each other, and lining. Fold and suture the edges of the panels as indicated in the calculations.


Now you need to sew the main fabric? Curtain and lining. To do this, fold them face-to-face with each other and, by combining the seams and centers, align the upper corners. Sew them on the top side, then carefully smooth out the seams.


Then put the curtain face down, andCombine the seams and the middle so that a strip of 3 cm wide is formed along the sides, from the edges of the lining to the edges of the main curtain. Secure the fabric with pins or special needles, and sew the curtains over the upper side. Then you need to sew a curtain with lambrequins. Then turn the curtain over to the other side and iron it.


Execute and process the corners of the folds. From the upper corner, measure and mark with the help of pins the height of the lambrequin. On this line, on the inside, attach the braid so that there is an allowance of 2.5 cm on both sides. Gently sew the braid, keeping the stitch in one direction so that creases do not form.


After sewing the braid, collect the curtain in the folds and throw the lambrequin on the front side of the curtain, over the braid.


Hook the hooks into the curtains, so that they are located at a distance of 10 cm from each other.

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