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How to sew curtains on SMAD

How to sew curtains on SMAD

Production of SMAD - the upper part of the drapeSoft pelmet - not an easy task. But do not despair completely and give up this option, window decorations, if you do not possess the necessary skills while tailoring of decor elements.

An alternative to the classic SMAD can become mechanical.

The difference of this embodiment is that it folds formed by sewn and tightened lace curtain special way.

It is quite simple to perform, so cut out and sew it under the force of even a novice sewing.

You will need

  • - Soft, well draped curtain cloth-
  • - Curtain tesma-
  • - Sewing supplies, sewing machine-
  • - Paper and drawing equipment.



Make the necessary measurements for the construction of a pattern SMAD. Determine what the width (a) it must be,what will be its depth (b) - the distance from the top line to the bottom of slack. Measure the basis of the data obtained, the length of the lower slack (c) - the line of bending the bottom fabric.


Determine the width of the shoulder SMAD (D), separating its overall width (the length of the topline) by three. The central third of the top line - the middle SMAD (E) - it does not drape, straightening part, and two-thirds of the side - shoulders SMADYou zadrapiruete using curtain tape.


Build a pattern SMADUsing measurements obtained. Draw two intersecting lines at a right angle with vertex A. Right of it set aside half the value of the middle SMAD add 3 cm, and the processing AB = (1 / 2a + 3 cm).


Put down the length of the AU - depth SMADMultiplied by a factor of 2-2.5, which depends on the density of tissue (the tissue is denser, the less its value).


With yarn length equal to the depth SMAD (AU), perform part of a circle (arc) from the point A. In this arc aside from point C an amount equal to half the length of the lower slack plus 3 cm on the treatment - a point D.


Connect the dots D and B. The angle rounded. The result was a half pattern SMAD.


To fold the fabric attach the pattern and circle. Make allowances 1.5cm round. SMAD can tailor the mechanical and oblique, and common threads.


Deal with the lower edge SMAD podgibkoy or double braid (fringe, bias binding, etc.).


Allowances top and side sections then iron on the wrong side, then Stitch to them Curtain braid (on both its edges).


Pull the braid on the side segments BD, leaving the middle SMAD not draped.

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