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How to sew curtains of organza

Transparent beauty

Organza - a thin transparent tissue, which is made of silk, polyester or viscose using a twisting two fibers. Organza is shiny and matte.

This unusual fabric looks very good in the textile interior design.

Also Organza is very clear, and allows a lot of light, which is good for of decorative curtains.

You will need

  • - Organza
  • - Curtain tape
  • - threads
  • - scissors
  • - sewing machine



Before sewing curtains, you need to decideamount of tissue for them. Typically, the number of take tulle fabric, 2-2.5 times the width of the cornice. In the case of organza can confine ourselves to a three-quarter width (but not less).


Then, the upper and lower part of organza needtrim the height of the eaves to the floor with a view of the seam allowance (2-4 cm). It is very difficult to cut the fabric evenly, so the edges require treatment. The bottom of the cut can process piping. If curtains planned stripe lace curtain, can not handle the top inlay, and a tuck stitch and edge.


Then you need to Sew Curtain tape orbraid, with which the curtain is gathered will. Curtain tape length must be equal to the width of the curtains. Then sew the tape to the curtain by at least two seams. If the belt is wide, the lines must be larger. Depending on the type of tape on the curtains turn out drapery folds.


After the tape is sewn, stitched curtains need to be ironed. It remains only to pull the rope on the curtain tape and ready to hang curtains on the curtain.

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