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How to sew curtains and bedspread

How to sew curtains and bedspread

When designing a bedroom design your own, you have the opportunity to create a harmonious interior. This can be achieved by combining the color and texture of curtains and bedspreads.

It is also important to the textile elements came to wallpaper and furniture.

You will need

  • - Sewing santimetr-
  • - lekala-
  • - Tissue-Cuts
  • - Lace or bahroma-
  • - nitki-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - sewing machine-
  • - Decorative metal holders.



To sew blinds and the veil, you first need to makemeasurements of the bed and the window. To these values ​​add fabric consumption at the seams, draping and decorative elements (ruffles, stripes). If you want to buy fabrics from natural origin, add 10-15 cm shrinkage.


For the purchase of material not go better in the ordinarysewing shop, and specialized. The fact that most of the sewing shops generalist sold fabrics for garments. Their width is equal to the average of 1.5 m. And you need otrez width of 2-2.5 m.


Choose a fabric that is in color and texturecombined with the wallpaper or contrast with them (if that is your idea). Immediately pick up the thread and accessories in the color. If you have a home with cornice hooks, you can buy a tape loops. It can be easily sewn to the curtains.


By purchasing the fabric, start cutting, guidedgolden rule "Measure seven times - cut once." It would seem that could be easier than to cut a rectangle? The problem is that with a single measurement can prevent small inaccuracies which result in a large warp. And you do not get a rectangle and a parallelogram. Therefore, before cutting make control measurements at several sites.


Make a pattern curtains and bedspreads in natural size is not necessary. But make patterns for the decorative elements of small size.


Cut all the details of the curtains and bedspreads. Treat them at the edge overlock to prevent razmetyvanie.


Sew a bedspread ruffles, fringe and other decorations. To sew curtains with tape loops or make ample hanging loop (depending on the model of your eaves).


progladte blinds and bedspread. Cut the thread. Now blinds and blanket ready for operation.

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