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How to sew covers for furniture

How to sew covers for furniture

Independently Staple Case for furniture, you can add zest to your interior.

This option will not only give you a sense of novelty, but will not spend money to buy new chairs, sofas or chairs.

Also covers protect ordinary furniture for the duration of your absence.

You will need

  • - cotton fabric
  • - pins
  • - needles
  • - sewing machine
  • - Accessories for decorating



By the backrest pin the fabric, keep in mind thatcloth needed to pin the wrong side up. It is from the wrong side, and later will prostrachivat seams. Leave enough fabric in the seams, cut the rest. To cover was easy to put on furniture, always is sheathed with a margin of approximately 10% larger than the object itself. After the cut parts of the pattern, hitching them to the chair easy to connect on supposed seams all parts. Carefully remove the blank cover, prostrochite on a typewriter, turn - Case ready!


Now that you have transformed the chair, you will have no difficulty to sew Case furniture larger, such as a sofa. If you have an old bag on the sofa, thrust it. Use derived part as a template for a new pattern.


If you do not have the old cover, then get tostart a low-cost backing fabric or old sheets. Cover and straighten the sofa, where you would normally sit. Then paint over all the seams, which are available on the upholstery of the sofa. Just make the pattern back and sides. Cut out all the parts with a large allowance, baste all the parts and put back on the sofa. Adjust the workpiece under the sofa size using a needle and thread. Try as the irregularities can be removed more and excess tissue on the pattern to cover I sat perfectly in the future.


Now thrust the pattern with chalk and paint over allportion on the underside of the fabric from which the cover is stitched. Again, cut the part with SEAM 1.5-2 cm, cut the edge to overlock necessary. Stitch all the parts on the machine, as a variant of the decor can be inserted between the seams fringe. To cover was easy to wear Sew the sides of the zipper. Turn the product. The new cover is ready.

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