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How to sew clothing for york


How to sew clothing for york</a>

Yorkshire Terriers are beautiful and intelligent dogs, andMore and more people become their owners. In the cold season, the dog needs clothes that will protect it from cold and mud, and besides practical and warm clothes, there is decorative clothing for Yorkshire terriers that will help you decorate your pet.

If you have a Yorkshire terrier, you first need shoes and a warm waterproof jumpsuit for your puppy.



Contrary to the opinion of most people, shoes are neededDog - in the autumn slushy weather it will protect the legs of York from dirt, and in winter it will warm them and protect the pads of the paws from chemicals and reagents, which are sprinkled with ice pavements. In addition, the shoes allow you to keep the cut or damaged paw clean and dry.


Sewing boots for dogs is very easy - for thisYou will need a dense waterproof cloth or leather that will not slide on different surfaces. Cut out four soles of thick rubberized fabric, correlating the size of the soles with the size of the dog's legs. Then from the thinner waterproof fabric, cut out four "stockings", stitching a rectangle of fabric into the tube.


Lower edge of the "pipe" to attach to the sole of the shoe. Front shoes should be below the rear - the length of the rear boot should be such that it overlaps the hock joint of the hind paw. As fasteners for shoes you can use simple Velcro. The upper edge of the shoes can be pulled in a cord so that water does not get inside.


These shoes can be made in the evening, measuringThe diameter of the dog's paws, and also the height from the ground to the wrist joint. If you are not sure that you are able to cut out straight circles from the fabric at once, make a pattern-workpiece by drawing smooth circles, the radius of which is equal to the radius of the paws.


In addition to shoes, the dog needs a overall ofWaterproof cloth with a heater. Measure the length of the dog's back by putting a collar on it and measuring the distance from the collar to the base of the tail. Divide the figure by eight. Draw a grid on the sheet. The length of the side of the grid square will be equal to the digit you obtained by dividing the length of the back by eight.


On the grid, transfer the pattern of overalls. Remember that the overalls consist of two identical parts - the right and left. Also in the overalls there is one unpaired part - a wedge, which is sewed between the front legs by a wide end. Cut out the details from the fabric, adding the allowances to the seams, and then connect them with a sturdy double stitch.


Fit the length of the pants according to the length of the dog's paws,The lower edges of the pants bend, stitch and insert the elastic into all four legs. Connect the parts of the overalls with detachable zipper or Velcro. To protect the dog from the rain, you can sew a hood for a coverall.


A lighter version of clothing for a dog isA knitted vest that can be worn in cool and dry weather. As in the previous case, measure the length of the back, divide it by eight and transfer the pattern to a grid whose square is equal to the number obtained. Then measure the girth of the dog's chest and the girth of her waist.


Correlate the measurements with the pattern. Begin to knit an elastic band with a canvas equal in width to the waist circumference of the dog. Add hinges until their number becomes equal to the girth of the chest. Tie the cutout for the paws and tie the back, and then cut the neck.


Spray the loops of the chest, taking them off one spoke. The product must be sewn with a thread and a needle on the abdomen, and then sew a wedge between the front paws separately. This waistcoat can be made from ordinary fabric.

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