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How to sew clothes

How to sew clothes

Clothing made with their own hands? it's not just clothing, it is a reflection of the creative potential of skilled workers.

Worn such clothing with a particular mood, because its possessor can be proud of, and besides, she knows exactly what is the second such things no one else in the world.

You will need

  • - Basic pattern
  • - The cloth
  • - Tailor centimeter
  • - Scissors
  • - A piece of chalk
  • - Fleece
  • - Sewing machine
  • - Iron
  • - Zipper, hooks, buttons



If you can not sew, but want tolearn, start with something relatively simple. For example, to sew skirts. Samples of basic patterns there is a lot to find any of them can be easily on rukodelcheskih sites.

With centimeter remove the necessary measurements


Print a sample of curves, drag it onto a large sheet of paper on the scale of 1: 1, cut the pattern with scissors, and set it aside.


Take a cloth, prepared for cutting andcarefully inspect it against the light to determine the presence of defects in it, puffs, holes, knots. Lay the fabric on the table, folded it in half along the shared thread inside out. The bottom of the product must take place along the transverse filament. Trace the pattern of the chalk, leaving a seam allowance. Bottom hem allowance should be 4 cm lateral allowance? 3-4 cm, allowance along the middle of the rear leaf leave 7-8 cm with future slots. Above leave allowance is not necessary, on the side seams and darts make a slight rise.


Cutting times by equity thread and immediately seal theits interlining, folded in half face-up. If the skirt is lined, it can be cut on the pattern already available, leaving a slot allowances and hem. Baste a cut parts skirt thread, contrasting to the color of the skirt fabric. Try a skirt in front of a mirror. If the product is turned wide, excess tissue kill the pins if the contrary is too narrow, the thrust seam and add fabric of stock.

Basting seams follow the thread of contrasting color


Adjust the sewing machine, the first thing Stitchfront and back darts. All joints should be performed on the machine in one direction, for example, only the top down. Sew side seams, do not forget to leave the left nezashity segment to insert a zip lock. Sew together the two rear leaf skirt up to the mark? Slot ?, Arrange slot.


Oversize top side slots fix interlining. Neaten side seams, bottom hem, sew belt, buckle, hooks or buttons.


Now the finished product should be thoroughly to ironwith steam. Turn the skirt inside out and flatten all the joints, starting with darts. Iron the back and the front cloth, try to avoid oblique creases at the bottom of the product. Your skirt is ready.

Staple items on the machine is only after careful fitting

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