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How to make clothes


How to make clothes</a>

Clothing sewn with your own hands? It's not just clothes, it's a reflection of the creative potential of the master.

Such clothes are worn with a special mood, because its owner has something to be proud of, and besides she knows for sure that no one else in the world has such a second thing.

You will need

  • - Basic Pattern
  • - The cloth
  • - Portable centimeter
  • - Scissors
  • - A piece of chalk
  • - Flizelin
  • - Sewing machine
  • - Iron
  • - Zipper, hooks, buttons



If you do not know how to sew, but really want toLearn, then start with something relatively uncomplicated. For example, with tailoring a skirt. There are a lot of samples of the basic pattern, you can find any of them without difficulty on needlework sites.

Using the centimeter, remove the necessary measurements


Print a pattern of the pattern, transfer it to a large sheet of paper in a scale of 1: 1, cut out the pattern with scissors and set it aside.


Take the fabric prepared for cutting andCarefully examine it for clearance for the presence of defects, puffs, holes, nodules in it. Lay out the fabric on the table, folding it in half on the share thread inward. The bottom of the product must pass along the transverse thread. Circle the pieces of the pattern with chalk, leaving the allowances on the seams. The allowance for the hem of the bottom should be 4 cm, side allowance? 3-4 cm, on the allowance along the middle of the back cloth leave a centimeter 7-8 with the future slots. At the top allowance is not necessary, over side seams and darts make a small lift.


Dissolve the belt along the share thread and then glue itIts non-woven fabric, folded in half facing up. If the skirt is with a lining, then it can be cut according to the already existing pattern, leaving no allowances for the slot and the hem. Sweep the cut details of the skirt with threads that contrast with the color of the skirt. Try on the skirt in front of the mirror. If the product is wide, pin the excess fabric, if on the contrary too narrow, straighten the seam and add fabrics from the stock.

Sewn stitches in contrasting colors


Set up the sewing machine, first turn off the sewing machineFront and rear tucks. All the seams on the machine must be carried out in one direction, for example, only from the top down. Stitch the side seams, not forgetting to leave a non-sewn piece for inserting the zipper. Sew together the two back skirts of the skirt up to the mark "Slatsa ?," decorate the slot.


Allow the upper side of the splines to be secured with non-woven fleece. Wrap the side seams, hem bottom, sew a belt, clasp, hooks or buttons.


Now the finished product needs to be thoroughly ironedWith the help of steam. Turn the skirt inside out and straighten all the seams, starting with the darts. Smooth out the back and front panels, try not to admit the oblique creases at the bottom of the product. Your skirt is ready.

Sewing the details on the machine is only after careful fitting

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