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How to sew children's oriental costume

How to sew children's oriental costume

Delicate and mysterious oriental beauties can decorate any carnival.

The richly decorated costumes emphasize their beautyand grace. Light transparent fabrics, exquisite tailoring, intricate pattern, as it were specifically designed to enhance the beauty of the young princess.

Make oriental costume can be themselves, the time it will require not so much.

You will need

  • for girl:
  • - Lightweight translucent fabric on the trousers and chadru-
  • - A dense fabric on top of the trousers and the elevator
  • - beads-
  • - busy-
  • - Metallic thread for vyshivki-
  • - A band with oriental ornamentom-
  • - elastic.
  • For boy:
  • - Thick silk, wool or cotton cloth-
  • - Single-colored velvet or wool for vests and shapki-
  • - A piece of velvet to poyasa-
  • - Strip mechanism
  • - White shirt.
  • For sewing:
  • - nitki-
  • - igolka-
  • - sewing machine-
  • - Pattern trousers and bluzki-
  • - millimetrovka-
  • - karandash-
  • - Line.



Costume Production start with the construction ofpatterns. Pick a pattern suitable pants and turn it on graph paper. If such a pattern is not present, the thrust to the best slacks and drag them by removing the allowance. Grooves are not translating. Wide trousers are on elastic, so they should be a little wider. Locate the front and rear halves of the hip line and continue her side edges 4-8 in the front half. In the same way, and increase the rear half of 5-10 cm. Connect the data points smooth line to the intersection points of the waist line and the bottom line.


If the fabric is very transparent, it is necessary to makethe pattern top. This may be part of both the inner lining as well as external. Circle the upper part of the pattern as you would kroili shorts and cut out the template. If there is a matching colored tight pants or bike pants, trousers can be bound completely unlined.


For pattern bodice take any template blouses,better with a large cut. Turn it on graph paper and cut to desired length. Leaf can be quite short and end approximately 5-7 cm below the beginning of the armhole. You can make it and authenticity. Children bodice completely straight, so no recesses do not need to invent. Increase the armhole at 2-3 cm from the forehand and back. Cut out the pattern.


Purpose for breech cloth fold in halfface inward. It can be two-way, in this case, absolutely do not care how it cut. Suitable thin nylon, gas, parachute silk. For the Christmas party will fit even the gauze in several layers if its paint. Circle the items, do not forget about Seam and hem and top. Since the trousers are on elastic, it is necessary to leave at five centimeters kuliske. Drawstring must be on the belt and on both trouser legs. Similarly, short pants carve of denser tissue. The bottom can be immediately hem, bent double by 0.3-0.5 cm.


Depending on the tissue treat joints. Synthetics is best to cut a soldering iron, but even in this case, the sections need to neaten, otherwise they will scratch the legs. Treat them overlocking or neaten hand over the edge.


Baste the parts of the front part of trousers andlining, aligning the upper section, steps and side seam. Similarly, baste the items back. The front portion of the pad in contact with the underside of the main part. If you are doing a short layer on top, the front part of the underside concerns.


Align the side seams of the front and rearhalves, folded parts, right sides together .. cream and sostrochite details, then just proceed as a second pair. Align sections stepper seams and also prostrochite. You have got two halves of trousers. It remains to connect them. One half, remove the inside out. Insert into it a second, turned out on the front side. Combine slices, sour cream and Stitch. Remove the front of the trousers.


Make Drawstring top. To bend the upper section of the double-2, 5 cm, scribbling, leaving an opening for the gum. The edges of the holes neaten. Similarly, bend the leg. Insert the gum. Decorate trousers can be embroidered, lace, beads on the bottom.


Carved out of the dense fabric bodice. He has only 2 parts, front and back. Fold the fabric in half on equity, align the middle of the forehand and backrest folded and circle. Make allowances. At the bottom, add 3 cm to the hem.


Fold the parts, right sides together,Align the side and shoulder seams. Baste them sostrochite. Neck and armholes treat piping. Leaf can sheathe fringe, decorate with embroidery or applique.


Chador successfully replace large transparent scarf. You can do it from the same fabric as the trousers. Carve out a square and treat overlock edge. As the belt, you can use a silk scarf or kerchief. The belt can be of the same fabric as the bodice.


Oriental costume for a boy requires considerablyless hassle. Your Aladdin or Sinbad the Sailor needs a white shirt, vest, trousers and hat. Bloomers sew the pattern on the trousers, slightly increasing it, and removing the groove. They can be made of fine wool, velvet or even monochromatic cotton fabric. Production of trousers is the same as for the girl's suit, only the lining is not needed.


Patterns vests make patterns on the shirt. In contrast to the maiden, it consists of two parts before and a back piece. Make a V-neck and slightly increase the armhole. Vest is not fastened, so you need to make podkroynye board. They are made for the same the pattern forehand. Circle the middle of the line forehand and the front of the neck. Stepping back about 4 cm, draw all the lines parallel.


Baste and sostrochite side and shoulder seams. Align the right sides of parts before and podkroynoy board, baste it and stitched. Corners cut off. Seam then iron. Similarly, sew the second side. Treat the back of the neck, sew it Bakey. The bottom hem. Armholes treat piping. It is possible for the armholes and the perimeter of the vest sew strips of fur.


Add oriental costume for a boy cancap, made of the same fabric as the vest. But you can make and a turban. To do this you will need a silk scarf. Staple is not specifically necessary. The belt can be made of velvet. It's just a long strip, sewn twice. Suitable and thick scarf, solid color and a silk scarf.

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