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How to Sew bumpers in cot

How to sew bumpers in cot

Bumpers for children's bed designed toadditional protection for your child. They are intended to ensure that the baby is not rested his head on the wooden bars of the bed, did not hit when trying to stand up, as well as for the comfort and convenience of a berth.

Rim can be purchased at any specialized shop for babies, but you can make them their own hands.

You will need

  • - Cloth (calico, footer, fleece) 5 * 1.1 m-
  • - Foam (3-4 cm thick) 2 * 1.5 m-
  • - Ribbon laces 1m.



Selected cloth folded in two, edge to edgeand apply a layout: two rectangles 120 * 55 cm and two rectangles of 60 * 55 cm markup applied by tailoring chalk or dry bars of soap.. Stabbed and cut the cloth pin details on the markup. The result is a rectangle 4 120 * 55 cm and 4 rectangles of 60 * 55 cm.


The edges of the cut rectangles processzigzag sewing machine. Two of the same size rectangle sew each other inside out. One side of the cover for a side not stapled. Remove the cover right side out. Likewise sew other rectangles.


Foam Cut 4 rectangles desired size. To thrust into the finished foam covers for the flanges.


Bent edge neproshitoy cover for sideupstands and sew edge to edge through the machine. When the bumpers are ready, you need to sew the ribbon-straps on the sides and in the middle to later attach bumpers to the bars of the bed.

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