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How to sew boots

How to sew boots

Frosty winter can not help recalling about myagonkih warm fur boots, warm feet are firmly, not allowing them to freeze.

To prepare for the winter frosts can be preset by stitching boots with their own hands.

You will need

  • - kamusy-
  • - Needle and thread monofilament treated voskom-
  • - Measuring tape-
  • - podoshva-
  • - Lining of felting sukna-
  • - Construction paper to create vykroyki-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Klein
  • - prolozhka-
  • - shilo-
  • - Beads or ribbon.



Carefully pick up Camus, because an incorrect selection of the left CNTs will be different from the right.


Create a pattern. To do this, first determine the height of untov: Camus attach to the leg and see which option the height will look better. Follow girth measured the tibia and to the resulting value make allowance five centimeters (it will take place the foot well), and even a centimeter seam. Based on available data, build a pattern on the paper, which can then transfer it to Camus.


Carefully cut Camus, being careful not to damage the fur.


At the sole stick prolozhku. Then, from fulling cloth insole cut and glue it on top of the prolozhku.


Sew cut from kamuses detail, using a large needle and thick waxed thread. To do this with an awl punch holes, and then connect the elements on them.


Connect stitched boots with the sole by gluing them together.


According to the pattern previously made cut lining. Carefully glue the liner to crosslinked Untamo. Be careful, because inadvertently Strait fur glue everything will be ruined.


Come up with an original design registration for untov. You can use the ribbon, beads or other decoration.

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