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How to sew boots


How to sew boots</a>

In the frosty winter you involuntarily recall the soft warm coats that warm your feet securely, preventing them from freezing.

Prepare for winter frosts in advance, sewing boots with their own hands.

You will need

  • - kamus-
  • - a needle and a nylon thread, treated with wax-
  • - Measuring tape-
  • - sole-
  • - lining of felted cloth-
  • - thick paper to create a pattern-
  • - scissors-
  • - glue-
  • - cover-
  • - an awl-
  • - beads or ribbons.



Carefully select the kamus, because if the selection is wrong, the left umbrella will be different from the right one.


Create a pattern. To do this, first determine the height of the sticks: attach kamus to the leg and see which altitude option will look better. Measure the girth of the shin and take the allowance of five centimeters to the obtained value (this will allow the leg to pass well) and another centimeter on the seam. Based on the available data, build a pattern on paper, which you then transfer to kamus.


Carefully cut the kamus, trying not to damage the fur.


On the sole, glue the cover. Then from the felt cloth cut out the insole and glue it on top of the cover.


Sew the details cut from the kamus, using a large needle and a thick waxed thread for this. To do this, use an awl to punched holes, and then connect them to them.


Connect stitched Boots With a sole, gluing them together.


Cut the lining on the previously made pattern. Gently glue the lining to the sewn unts. Be careful, because inadvertently spilling on the glue of the glue, everything will be spoiled.


Think of the original design for the boots. You can use a ribbon, beads or other decoration.

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