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How to Sew Blinds

How to sew Blinds

In a small room, where you want to save space, leave a space below the sill free, very profitable to look and function perfectly blinds.

Sew blinds simply on their own, eventually getting a unique interior.

You will need

  • - the cloth
  • - tape
  • - Sewing Supplies



In order to make the roll blind, Prepare a piece of fabric to its front side and a piece of fabric to the inside. For blinds often choose a thick cloth.


Prepare the tape for tying the curtains, they can sew from a thin and contrasting fabric, but you can buy ready-made. Lent, you will need at least 2 pairs, and if the curtain is too wide, 3-4 pairs.


Decide on what will be mounted curtain isIt may be a ceiling or cornice, which can be attached to the top of the window opening or wall ledge when the curtain must be slightly ahead of the window opening.


Strip Select of any material that will serve as a weighting material at the bottom of the curtains.


Calculate the size of curtains, adding to the height of the window9cm at the seams, and the distance from the window to the eaves, if you use curtain rod for mounting. By the width of the window, add 3 cm at the seams when the curtain is in front of the window, add another 5 cm.


Connect right sides together and sew the inside and outside of the curtains. Remove stitched blind on the front side and iron. The bottom take place so that a tunnel can be formed to put weighting.


Run in the upper part of the curtain processing for your chosen cornice. Stiffening insert at the top of a lightweight, but rigid rail. this blind It can be attached to the eaves of fabric with Velcro.


Select the location of the tape and sew them to the curtain so that the inner and outer side going down two ribbons from a single point.


Hang blind, Twist roll from the bottom to the desired level and secure, tying ribbons.


In the window, you can place one, two or morethese curtains, focusing on the number of double-glazed windows. Then you can adjust the amount of light entering the apartment, each roll spinning at different heights.

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