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How to sew covers for the sofa corner

How to sew covers for the sofa corner

In order to serve your furniture for a long time, you can make it special cases.

With them, you will not only extend the life of your sofa, but also can change the color and style of the interior in case of repair.

Suffice it to change the covers - and furniture will be transformed into the new.

You will need

  • the cloth
  • Scissors
  • Threads
  • Sewing machine



Before you sew covers on the sofa, you need todetermine the amount of fabric for them. The easiest way to find the desired tissue area - the so-called rough sew covers of useless tissue. You can use old or conventional cotton sheeting fabric. Next you need to cut out the required parts directly on the couch, putting a cloth cushions of the sofa and the sidewalls.


Then, the cut parts have to manually sweepright on the couch, adjusting their size, trimming unnecessary. Trim parts is always easier than the piece down, so you should be very careful when fitting and carefully Gaugeable all the difficult places.


After the rough blankets are ready, they need to carefully unpick. This way you will be ready pattern covers on your sofa.


Then you need to choose the fabric for the "on the coversclean copy". To make better use of sofa covers tight, not too stretching the fabric. If you have pets, then choose the fabric with a texture to hair sticking to it.


After the covers are cut, they need to sew on a typewriter. If you will often remove the covers, then you need to consider the clasp. You can sew a zipper and can be done covers with buttons or eyeballs.

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