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How to Sew an Austrian blind

How to make Austrian blind

Today there are many options for window decoration.

Designers offer different ideas for different styles.

You can listen to them, to order the product in the cabin or smostoyatelno sew curtains, for example, popular Austrian.



Austrian blinds are one of the lastfashion trends of interior solutions, combining elements of French and Roman blinds. They open and close as the Roman. However, as well as French and curtains, the Austrian smooth semicircular folds are formed along the entire width curtains, since they are not sewn horizontal slats.


To make Austrian blind First, measure the window opening. The width of the window is equal to the width of the curtains, plus 3 cm on the side seams. By the length of the curtains, add 12 cm allowances.


Deal with top, bottom and side edges of the curtains. Gather the folds on the top of the curtains.


Sew the elastic tape or contrasting tapevertical lines, which laid the fold. Let the lower ends of the braids hanging down a little bit. Later, they can tie knots or bows, gathering and small pleats at the bottom. For this option, use plain, colorful, and loose cloth. The tape should be in harmony with the fabric color and emphasize the style of curtains.


You can also use another optionAustrian curtains, the most suitable for the bedroom. Blind formed with pleats of different heights. And folds laid absolutely free: in the middle, along the ground, on top. this blind it is recommended to sew from a monochromatic, translucent fabric.

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