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How to sew an apron kitchen


How to sew an apron kitchen</a>

Apron is a necessary wardrobe item for every housewife.

He will protect against any troubles that sometimes happen in the kitchen, and a beautiful and original apron can improve the mood and make your homework pleasant.

You will need

  • -; ruler-
  • -;pencil-
  • -;cotton fabric-
  • - thread in the tone of the fabric-
  • - Needle-
  • - sewing machine.



For sewing an apron use bright cotton and linen fabrics. Their decoration can be the most diverse: lace, braid, embroidery, applique, ruches and frills.


To sew an apron, you need to have his pattern. Although the simplest apron apron model can be found directly on the fabric. To do this, fold it face down and draw a rectangle, the length of which is equal to the desired length of the apron, and the width is equal to the measure of half-hip, divided by two, plus six centimeters. For example, half-hip is equal to forty centimeters, therefore, the width of the apron is 40: 2 + 6 = 26 cm.


Shape a rectangle for strings of width 6Centimeters and a length equal to the girth of your waist, plus one meter, and a pocket detail. Cut all the details, leaving one centimeter for the seam allowances on all sides.


Process the pocket part. The upper part bend twice, sweep by hand and stitch it. Then press the side and bottom sides. Sweep the pocket to the part of the apron at a distance of six centimeters from the top cut. Stitch it at a distance of 2 mm from the edge, making bows at the beginning and end of the stitch. Remove the marking and prjutyuzhte pocket.


Process the bottom and side sections with a seam in the hem. To do this, twist the slices twice on the wrong side and sweep them. Then, stitch all the seams. Remove the stitch and press the stitches.


On the upper section of the apron, perform the assembly. To do this, draw two parallel lines from the top edge of 5 mm. Then pull them to the desired size. So that the assemblies do not come loose, tie the ends of the threads.


Belt details fold in half, the front sideInside. The ends of the belt obtachte at a distance of one centimeter from the cuts on both sides, leaving the middle distance not sewn, equal to the width of the cloth of the apron in the finished form. Turn the belt on the front side and iron. Place it on the front side of the apron, aligning the middle, pinch one section of the belt with pins, and stitch it. Remove the pins, bend the belt to the wrong side by one centimeter and pin with pins. On the front side, stitch it in the stitching seam. Remove the pins and iron the belt.


Decorate the apron, as you like, put on and go to the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes.

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