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How to sew an apron kitchen

How to sew an apron kitchen

Apron - a necessary article of clothing for each family.

It will protect against any problems that sometimes occur in the kitchen, and beautiful and original apron can improve your mood and make household chores enjoyable.

You will need

  • -; Lineyka-
  • -;pencil-
  • -;cotton fabric-
  • -; Thread in the tissue-tone
  • - igolka-
  • - sewing machine.



To sew an apron, use bright cottons and linens. Their finish can be very diverse: lace, lace, embroidery, applique, ruffles and frills.


To sew an apron, it is necessary to have a pattern. Although the simplest model-apron apron can be cut out and directly on the fabric. To do this, fold it inside out and draw a rectangle whose length is equal to the desired length of the skirt, and the width is equal to the measure of putting the hips, divided by two, plus six centimeters. For example, putting equal to forty centimeters thighs, consequently, the width of the apron 40: 2 + 6 = 26 cm.


Carve out a rectangle of 6 wide drawstringscentimeters and a length equal to the circumference of your waist, plus one meter, and the detail of the pocket. All parts are cut, leaving one centimeter on the allowances for seams on all sides.


Machined parts pocket. The upper part of bend twice, sour cream by hand and prostrochite on a typewriter. Then, then iron lateral and bottom sides. Baste pocket to the items on the apron six centimeters away from the upper edge. Scribbling it on a distance of 2 mm from the edge, making the tie at the beginning and end of the stitching. Remove the basting and priutyuzhte pocket.


Treat the bottom and side edges of the seam in the hem. To do this, double tuck slices on the wrong side and baste. Then prostrochite all seams. Baster, remove and priutyuzhte seams.


At upper edge of the apron do the assembly. For this purpose, route, departing from the upper edge of 5 mm, two parallel lines. Then pull the them to the desired size. To build not blossomed, tie the ends of yarn.


Belt Details fold in half, faceinside. overstitch belt ends at a distance of one centimeter from the slices on both sides, leaving the middle nezashitym distance equal to the width of the cloth apron off the shelf. Belt turn out on the front side and priutyuzhte. Apply it on the face of the parts of the apron, aligning the middle, funny one slice pins belts, stitched. Pins remove, bend the belt on the wrong side of one centimeter and pin pins. The face of the prostrochite on a typewriter in pritachivaniya seam. Pins and remove priutyuzhte belt.


Decorate the apron as you like, put on and go to the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes.

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