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How to sew an apron for the kitchen with his hands quickly and easily

How to sew an apron for the kitchen with his hands quickly and easily

Sew a useful and beautiful accessory with your hands.

It's easy!

Kitchen apron protects against splash water and fathostess costume while cooking or washing dishes. But it's not just a utilitarian thing. Kitchen apron can be very beautiful and stylish. And kitchen apron is a great thing to start sewing, not for nothing that many of the lessons of the labor performed is the product one of the first models in the study of cutting and sewing.

If you are inept mistress, should start from the very simple to sew an apron, which does not have the top, which can complicate a little cut.

Which to choose the cloth for sewing an apron? It is best to fit the classic cotton fabrics- Cotton, satin. Choose funny colors and your apron will delight you for years. Also fit denim, linen. It is not necessary to purchase expensive on the apron fabric, because the apron is covered with patches quickly and you'll be sorry for the money spent.

The easiest is the aprona rectangle with two straps, which are tied behind his back. At this apron is generally rectangular sewn pockets (one or two). The process of sewing this skirt is very simple - cut out a rectangle of fabric (width about 60 cm, length 50 cm), bends the fabric and stitched the bottom and sides, and sew the top belt, which is a tissue box and a half meters in length, a width of 1.5 cm in finished form. If you want to sew an apron of such a model for the child will have to take your measurements (length and width of the apron) and cut out smaller details.

Helpful advice: if you have a little fabric, the belt can be made from a wide braid. She also is to finish the bottom edge of the apron.

By the way, you can make a simple apron of old jeans. The advantage of this model is also the fact that the product will not have to sew pockets.

How to sew an apron for the kitchen with his hands quickly and easily

Of course, the apron can be decorated to your liking ruffles, lace, applique, embroidery and so on.

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