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How to sew a zipper

How to sew a zipper

A common fastener zipper makes it convenient thing.

Sometimes lightning on some products (clothing, bag) begin to diverge and come into disrepair, but the thing itself is still in good condition.

In this case, you can sew a new zipper instead of the old.

You will need

  • - Measuring tape-
  • - New Molniya
  • - nitki-
  • - a piece of chalk-
  • - English bulavki-
  • - sewing machine.



Using a measuring tape, determine the lengthlightning, you will be replaced. The store sewing accessories buy new zipper. Note that it must conform to the old length and shape. But you can buy one that is, in your opinion, better and stronger than the old one. Immediately check the well if it is unfastened and fastened whether a marriage present.


Rebuffed the old zipper on the product. It is necessary to get accustomed to the way it was sewn. This will help you understand how to sew a new zipper.


On the front side of the product, apply a chalk line,on which you sew the zipper. Attach it to the seam to teeth were barely visible. Having defined the correct position of the zipper on the product, it will take a bright thread. If you have sewing experience to secure the zipper in the right place you can use safety pins.


Start sewing the zipper to the product. This can be done manually. However difficult a way to sew neatly and securely. The easiest way to do it on the sewing machine. Modern cars have special sewing foot designed for sewing zippers. These tabs are very useful when you want Stitch hidden zipper. However, in the absence of a foot, use normal, just keep sewing the zipper undone. Stitch the zipper to the article on the front side. Start sewing better with the lower end of the zipper. Finishing line, check how flat turned seam, if the fabric gathered. Finding some defects, rebuffed the zipper and sew it again.


Remove the bright contrasting thread or pins, which you fasten the zipper during sewing. Sewn zipper in small parts is not quite an easy task. This delicate work requires you to be patient.

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