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How to sew a patchwork vest in the style of "patchwork"

How to sew a patchwork vest in the style of "patchwork"

Technique patchwork "Patchwork" is always relevant. Quite often in the house accumulated residues or scraps of different fabrics or disused clothes.

All of this is in the closets and the attic "dead weight", but to throw a pity. And rightly so!

Of the various pieces of matter can do with their hands very beautiful, fashionable, practical and absolutely exclusive things - for example, a vest!

You will need

  • - Multi-colored strips of cotton fabric, combined with the color of each other, of different widths - from 5 to 8 cm, 60 cm length
  • - Cotton fabric for lining and trim - monochrome or color with matching colors to shreds - width 80 cm, length 1.2 metra-
  • - Sintepon the same size as the fabric for podkladki-
  • - Bias binding to finish in the same colors - 4 metra-
  • - 10 small bright pugovits-
  • - Graph paper.



Transfer the pattern to a pattern on graph paper,or to print out an increase. This pattern is designed for 44 Russian size. To decrease or increase the size of the pattern you need to add or subtract a few centimeters on the fold lines at the bottom of the vest and the shoulders.


Strips of cloth spread out in the rightsequence - so that they are beautifully combined with each other, and then sostrochit, leaving the seam allowance 1 cm joints must be smooth on both sides. As a result, should get two square patchwork canvas 60 x 60 cm.
Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, laypattern, circle chalked on the contour, leaving seam allowance. Carve out front and back of the vest. In the same way cut out parts from the fabric for the lining and out syntepon.
Cobble together three pins on the web prior to and backright sides out, quilt them by car - each line should be in the 2 mm from each seam on the details of the patches. Trim excess fabric, if any, aligning all edges.


From oblique Bakey make 10 loops in the form of arrows -as shown in Fig. Tack them from the inside to the front of vest inwardly, stitch. The places where they should be located loops and buttons are shown on the pattern.


Bias binding perform edging vest -first tack around the perimeter and then topstitch on a typewriter. Fold out and secure the loop in place. Sew pugovitsy- on request they can be used obtyanut cloth.

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