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How to sew a double-sided scarf


How to sew a double-sided scarf</a>

Such a pretty scarf can easily be sewn from bothersome dresses, combining a fabric of bright colored colors and a lace or knitted fabric.

He will make any boring outfit irresistible.

You will need

  • - colored fabric
  • - lace or knitted fabric
  • - lace braid



To begin with, we cut out a piece of colored clothThe size of 35 to 150 cm and the same of lace fabric. You can sew several pieces of fabric into one long piece. On the long sides of the colored fabric, we take a lace braid.


Fold the colored fabric and lace the faces to each other. We mark on the long sides, then we squander.


Now connect the short sides of the scarf with faces to each other and sew them around. Leave a small hole and turn out. The hole is sewn neatly with a hidden seam. The scarf is ready!

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