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How to sew a two-sided scarf

How to sew a two-sided scarf

This pretty scarf is easy to sew a dress from boring, combining brightly colored fabric colors and lace or knitted fabric.

He will make any boring outfit irresistible.

You will need

  • - Colored cloth
  • - Lace or crocheted fabrics
  • - Lace tape



To begin with, it will cut a piece of colored fabricthe size of 35 by 150 cm, and the same of the lacy linen. You can sew a few pieces of fabric to one long. On the long sides of colored tissue tack lacy braid.


Fold the colored fabric and lace, right sides together. Tack on the long sides, and then stitched by.


Now combine the short sides sharfika right sides together and sew them around. We leave a small opening and gut-wrenching. Hole neatly sewed up a hidden seam. Scarves ready!

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