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How to sew a towel with corner-hood

How to sew a towel with corner-hood

Towel with the area making bathing your baby nice and comfortable. This towel can always serve as a good gift, and it will never be over.

Sew it yourself very easily.

You will need

  • -mahrovaya fabric
  • -cotton fabric
  • -hlopchatobumazhnaya bias binding
  • -sewing machine



Cut terry cloth square of 80 to80 cm. Round out evenly all angles. Cut the thin fabric right-angled triangle, the short sides of which are equal to 38 cm. The right angle is rounded. Triangle can tailor and terry cloth, but the process towel will be a little more difficult because of the thickness of the tissue.


Handling the long side of the triangle and the bias binding otstrachivaem seam zig-zag. Tack to the terry cloth. Then treat with bias binding all terry cloth in a circle and zigzag stitch.


You can sew mitten for washing the child from the remnants of terry cloth. If the tissue is small, it is possible to make a soft cloth, loofah, treating it with bias binding and do not forget to make a loop.

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