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How to sew the top with assemblies


How to sew the top with assemblies</a>

Such a nice topic with elastic bands can be sewn, even without having great skills in the field of tailoring.

If you sew it from thin light fabric, then in hot summer weather it will be simply irreplaceable.

You will need

  • -smooth thin fabric
  • -satin ribbon
  • Rubber band
  • -sewing machine



Dimensions are designed for a chest girth of about 95-100See Cut out of the fabric 2 rectangles measuring 50 by 95 cm. For convenience, draw a distance of about 1.2 cm from each other 14 parallel lines using a ruler.


On a bobbin we wind up a string-elastic with smallTension, insert it into the machine. From above, we fix the usual thread. We spend all the lines drawn. Then we pierce around the edges to fix the gum.


We fold the back and in front of the sides to the inside and sew. The edges are machined. Bend down and lay down. It is advisable to make the padding as soon as possible, so as not to weight the bottom of the topic.


From the tape cut off 4 segments of 45 cm. We measure 15 cm from the side seam and take the ribbon under the hem of the edge. Also come with all the other ribbons. Then we bend the entire upper edge of the top and we spread it. Done!

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