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How to sew a top model bando

How to sew a top model bando

Probably every woman once I would like to sew for myself some little thing.

Why not realize this dream? I suggest you make a very fashionable designer item - the top model of "bandit".

Let's start!

You will need

  • - Knitted cloth-
  • - nitki-
  • - igolka-
  • - Scissors.



So, we proceed to the manufacture of our gizmos. The first step is to cut out a rectangle of fabric. Note that you can change the length, but the width should remain unchanged. Then, from a cut of the rectangle to be cut one. Its width must necessarily be equal to the dimension of the back between the armpits.


This is followed by another two cut strips. Their width should be 13 and 8 centimeters.


Now take a large rectangle and add uphis face twice. We do everything carefully and be sure to equate the fabric edge. Then, at the fold to be postponed two centimeters wide and 15 centimeters down, there is long. Draw chalk and cut off the "triangle" strictly on the line.


Next, you must all, so to speak, to straighten. To do this, cut the edge bends by approximately 2 mm and sews the whole thing on a typewriter. Line should pave the way, and the top edge of the fabric, at the same time pulling it and form creases.


Go to the side seams. Fold the details inside out and grind down the side seams. After the above actions have to pritachit rectangular strip width of 8 centimeters to the upper edge.


Well, now you need to be expanded almost ready"Gangs" on a flat surface and seal the seam on the right side to the middle of the crease. Do the same on the other side. It remains only pritachit rectangular strip width of 13 cm to the lower edge of the article. And voila! Your top is ready! Good luck!

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