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How to sew a tilde heart Valentine's Day

How to sew a tilde heart Valentine's Day

The history of dolls and other toys in the style of "tilde"It has only 15 years. In 1999, their creator Tony Finnager from Norway for the first time presented to the public cute toys soft pastel tones, which are now popular all over the world.

Very well-known and loved became a tilde-heart - their love for the simplicity, charm and ease of manufacture.

selection of materials

Many needlewoman often forget about the maindistinctive features tildes toys. The fact that originally it was just a doll with light coffee, "zagarny" skin tone and clothing pastel colors. Too bright, bright fabrics and decorative items, of course, also work, but will be deprived of its toy gentle charm.
So pick up the fabric soft soothing pastel shades.
As decor is best to use a lace braid and coarse materials like twine, giving the toys extra charm.

The manufacturing process

So, for making tildes-hearts you will need:
- Cotton or linen fabric bright colors in eg
- Heart-pattern
- Accessories and decorative objects (ribbon, twine, beads, etc.) -
- Decorative napkin (wipes suitable for decoupage) -
- PVA glue or a special for dekupazha-
- Needle, thread, nozhnitsy-
- Padding polyester filling.
First, move the pattern to the heart tissue,leaving a seam allowance, and cut Stitch, leaving holes for eversion. Then remove the workpiece on the front side, tamp them with synthetic padding and carefully sew.

If used together with the filler in the heart to put flavor, for example, coffee, cinnamon, dried flowers, etc., you get excellent sachet. It can be hung in the closet for flavoring clothes.

In principle, at this stage of the heart can be considered ready, it can be decorated with lace, beads, attach a loop to hang it can be - and everything.
But you can make it more interesting. Take wipes decoupage simple or patterned (in this case need only a top layer). Attach pictures to the heart and smooth with a damp brush, avoiding creases. Then drip special glue for decoupage and ordinary PVA and smooth.

Such heart-tilde is a perfect giftfor your loved ones on March 8 and 14 February. Making them is quite simple, besides it is much more enjoyable gift than the store bought cheap postcards and scented candles.

After a couple of hours, when the hearts completely dry, you can finish the job, and can toned hearts strong coffee.
Then decorate them with decorative elements, and you're done.

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