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How to sew a stuffed toy

How to sew a stuffed toy

Sew a soft toy can be yourself. You will need a little time and a bit of scrap materials, but these toys will be much more expensive and more enjoyable.

Besides, now on the market handmade highly valued.

You will need

  • -meh different colors and razmerov-
  • -needle-
  • -nitki the color mechanism
  • -pencil-
  • -karton or bumaga-
  • -mel or soap-
  • -Finish sketch or narisovannyy-
  • -scissors.



Search the Internet or draw a sketch of the future products themselves.


Make a pattern products on paper or cardboard, given the room for eversion. Cut out the pattern, attach it to the underside of the fur and pin pins.


If you have a solid piece of fur, then the patternApply a right, if not, pick up a few pieces of the same color fur, sew them so as to lay the pile to one side, and only then apply the pattern.


Trace the pattern on the fur chalk or soap. Remove the pattern, cut out details. More acute part of the scissors when cutting should be from the Fur, the cut should be between the villi, to not pile clambered.


Align the relevant details facialparties, fasten with pins. Sew a loop stitch detail, do not forget to leave room for eversion. Turn out the details, tamp synthetic padding or other packing. Sew seam hiding hole for eversion.


In accordance with the type of product, add the required layout, for example for animals - it eyes, nose, and others.

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