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How to sew a sleeve flashlight


How to sew a sleeve flashlight</a>

Blouses and dresses with a flashlight sleeve have long and firmly entered the wardrobe of a modern woman. The most eminent designers in their collections offer things with this detail.

And why do not you try to sew yourself a new thing with the sleeve of such a model?



So, if you decide to sew yourself a dress or blouseWith sleeves-lanterns, then for the beginning build a pattern of the dress or blouse with sleeves, and only then build from the main pattern of the sleeve of the product the pattern of the flashlight sleeve. It is constructed as follows.


Circle the already constructed basic pattern of the sleeveProducts, and then put on it a line of the middle. Further on it, postpone the desired length of the sleeve (approximately a length of 20-35 cm), and then draw a straight, horizontal line through this point.


Now cut the finished pattern and cutRight on the line of the middle. Then extend the resulting halves of the pattern of the sleeve at a distance of 10-20 cm, in order to get the assembly. In order for the outline of the flashlight sleeve to become somewhat rounded, simply extend the sleeve approximately 1.5-2.5 cm from the bottom and from above directly along the midline. Everything, the pattern of the flashlight sleeve is ready. Only when cutting, be sure to consider allowances for seams.


Also, to create a flashlight sleeve, there is alsosuch a method. Take the basic pattern and apply a cut line from the head to it and do not reach the bottom of the sleeve for a couple of centimeters (the first line is applied to the center of the sleeve). On the head set the points so that they are located at a distance of 4 cm from each other, and at the bottom at a distance of 2 cm, connect them with lines and make cuts.


Pattern on the material, expand along the linesCut by 2 cm over the head of the sleeve, the bottom should correspond to the volume of the hand, for this, simply cut the lateral lines of the bottom of the sleeve. The length of the sleeve should be set from its high point, it will be about 20-25 cm. Collect the sleeve head on the needle in 2-3 rows and distribute the assemblies evenly. Done.

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