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How to sew a beach skirt


How to sew a beach skirt</a>

A simple and comfortable skirt is what you need for a carefree holiday on the beach.

And if you make it out of bright silk or chiffon, then, perhaps, such a skirt can be worn at a party.

So, how to sew a beach skirt with your own hands?

You will need

  • For the pattern:
  • - a large sheet of paper-
  • - a pencil-
  • - a filament compasses
  • - scissors.
  • For the skirt:
  • - lightweight fabric-
  • - thread in the tone of the fabric-
  • - sewing machine.



The beach skirt is made of light fabrics: Batiste, gauze, silk, chiffon or fine jersey. The length of the product can be completely different from a mini to a length "in the floor", but the beach skirt must be easily removed and worn, in addition it should not be hot, and it should not constrain the movements of its owner.


Make a pattern of the skirt of the skirt in naturalValue. To do this, on a large sheet of thick paper, for example, a paper, draw a rectangle. Using a thread loop at the right corner, draw a line with a radius of twenty centimeters and from the same point draw a second line of radius equal to the desired length of the skirt.


Fold the fabric in half with the front side inward. Cut two battens (leave allowances for seams of 1.5 cm), an oblique bake for edging the upper cut of a skirt approximately 115 centimeters long and 5 cm wide, including allowances, as well as 2 details of cuff links for 150 cm, including allowances.


On the upper sections of the details of the skirt, mark byFour folds and stitch them to a length of 5 centimeters from the top. Fold the folds to the line of the middle, press and sweep from above, so that it would be more convenient to work with the cloth.


Stitch the side sections. Seam allowances are swept over with an overstitch or zigzag stitch. Press them.


Process the upper edge of the skirt. Fold the oblique bake in half along the front side outward and iron. Priklyte bake, folded twice to the upper cut of the skirt so that its fold lies on the part at a distance of 1-2 centimeters. Pritachayte on the sewing machine. Cut seam allowances close to the stitch. Turn it to the wrong side, press and detach the upper edge for the kuliska at a distance of one centimeter.


Sew the cords for the kulis. Fold the details with the wrong sides. Stitch the longitudinal sections with a large zigzag stitch. With the help of an English pin, pull the string into the kulis, tie knots at its ends.


Try on the skirt and adjust the length of the product. Doing this best from the floor, so this operation is preferably performed together. Bend the bottom of the skirt twice, sweep, iron and stitch on the sewing machine. The skirt is ready, you can go to the beach.

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